Lauren Elizabeth 2021: Who is Elizabeth Dating Now?

Lauren Elizabeth is a well-known American actress, youtuber, blogger and influencer. The 26-year-old media personality has had increasing popularity, now with over one million subscribers on her youtube channel. 

Her career began in 2011 when she posted her first youtube video, “Beginning of Spring Haul”, which attracted over 60k views. Her career as an actress began through her early roles in the films The Adventures Of A Panda Warrior in 2012, and Bad night in 2015. Elizabeth also made an appearance in the popular TV series, She’s Out Of My League, and played star roles in the TV series’ Betches and The Real Bros of Simi Valley

While she was very well versed in her acting career, Elizabeth gained most of her popularity through her youtube channel. She now takes the title as a lifestyle youtuber and influencer, regularly posting content relating to her current favorites, lifestyle routines and daily vlogs. 

As her channel flourished, Elizabeth took advantage of her growing influence. She increased her blog posts, created a podcast called MOOD and even temporarily had her own clothing line called XLE. 

We now have the rundown on Elizabeth’s career — but what about her personal life? Is she currently involved in a romantic relationship? Who has she been dating? Does she even have the time?

Caspar Lee

In 2013, Elizabeth was rumored to have been in a relationship with social media star, Caspar Lee. Lee is a youtube personality who, similarly to Elizabeth, started his channel in 2011. Elizabeth and Lee were featured together in a youtube video, “Lauren Elizabeth Weekly: I WORK & CASPAR COMES TO LA”, showcasing their relationship. However, the young-love was short-lived. The two did not last long and broke up within the year. 

Denis Shepherd 

Two years after her short-lived relationship with Lee, Elizabeth began her fling with model and social media star, Denis Shepherd. The couple was advertised in several youtube videos on the “AwesomenessTV” channel, including “Lauren Elizabeth Goes Camping” and “Lauren Elizabeth’s BOYFRIEND VS. BEST FRIEND TAG”. Shepherd and Elizabeth split shortly after their fling began, making way for her next and very much long-term boyfriend. 

Cameron Fuller 

Just after the start of 2017, rumors began about Elizabeth’s most recent partner, Cameron Fuller. Fuller is an actor and model for CM/Luber-Roklin Management. He also has a youtube channel with fellow actor and friend, Gregg Sulkin. The couple had a noticeably large social media presence together. Fuller, similarly to Lee and Shepherd, had been featured in youtube videos with Elizabeth. He was also posted all over her Instagram. 

However, fans began to notice Fuller’s recent absence from Elizabeth’s social media channels; and in a video on Jan. 2, “Got My Heart Broken & Bought a House..”, Elizabeth addressed the circulating rumors. In the video, Elizabeth expressed that she had her heartbroken and was very depressed — this was the reason for her silence on the topic. Viewers learned that after the breakup, she moved out of LA and bought a place on her own. Hopefully, for the now-single, Lauren Elizabeth, this move can be a distraction and source of positivity in her life.

Elizabeth Olsen Boyfriend 2021: Who Is Elizabeth Dating Now?
Elizabeth Olsen Boyfriend 2021: Who Is Elizabeth Dating Now?
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