The 6 Sitcoms Every Woman Should Watch In Her Lifetime

There are some sitcoms that are just classic television. And there are some sitcoms that are considered essential viewing for people. This could be because these sitcoms are well-written, have great actors, are considered iconic, or have a legion of crazy fans.

A lot of these iconic sitcoms are very male-dominated, by characters and/or writers and jokes. However, there are a lot of amazing female-dominated sitcoms. They are also super relatable to most women.

Here are the classic sitcoms that every woman should watch in her lifetime.

30 Rock

tina fey lead

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This show is based on Tina Fey’s time as the first female head writer of ‘Saturday Night Live.’ And it is a great representation of what it is like for a woman to be in a position of power. Fey’s character Liz Lemon not only has to make sure her show actually gets made, she has to deal with the immature actors and writers who work with her. Liz also struggles with her personal life, dating several interesting characters throughout the series. She is also a funny, relatable, and complex lead character, and is surrounded by other similar characters. The show is also satirical, clever, and well-written.


Lisa Kudrow, Courtney Cox and Jennifer Aniston from Friends on the red carpet


While ‘Friends’ might be an even-gendered show in terms of characters, their three female leads are iconic, relatable, and hysterical. Rachel Green, Monica Geller, and Phoebe Buffay are all different personalities. This show is all about navigating the trials and tribulations of relationships, both romantic and platonic.

New Girl

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New Girl is a show all about embracing your awkwardness, instead of trying to be unrealistically perfect. It is a hilarious sitcom, that I do not believe got enough love when it was airing. Now that all the seasons are on Netflix, maybe you should check it out.

Parks & Recreation

Amy Poehler


Similar to ’30 Rock’, ‘Parks and Recreation’ is a show about a woman in power, trying to navigate all the crazy people around her. Leslie Knope, played by funny lady Amy Poehler, is a great example of what it is like for a woman to be in politics. She struggles to make everyone happy, but she won’t stop until she does. The show also has a lot of funny, unique female supporting characters as well.

Sex & The City

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The ultimate female driven sitcom. This is usually the go-to show that people will recommend to women to watch. It’s a show that broke barriers for female characters when it comes to their character traits, their storylines, and their dialogue. It also showed us all how important and meaningful female friendships are.

Schitt’s Creek

Schitt's Creek


Schitt’s Creek is the best example of “don’t know what you got till it’s gone.” Because it only became popular and recognized, when the final season was about to premiere. Anyway, this show has a lot of dynamic female characters. As over the top as characters like Moira and Alexis might be, they are strangely relatable. The show is also funny and extremely well-written.

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