Top 5 Fashion Trends To Know For Fall 2021

If you’re a fan of fashion then chances are you really want to be the one who’s a little ahead of anyone else. And so, I’m proud to tell you that the long-awaited fashion show marathon was really the fall highlights, as designers and fashion houses from around the globe displayed their ready-to-wear collections in the midst of Fall/Winter 2020-2021. From editors to A-listers, designers, actors, and fashion influencers are among in a sea of enthusiastic show-goers. Indeed, the runways were about as abundant as ever, from New York to London, Milan, and Paris, bringing forth a wide variety of new styles to be worn by devoted fashion followers. However, this coming fall, what’s the trend?

Fashion designers such as Prabal Gurung, Gianni, Norma Kamali, and much more had standout pieces that fashion enthusiasts would love because of their trend status. There was everything from ultra-vibrant colors such as hot pink and lime green to statement sweater vests and cutout details, as well as luxurious coats that bring every fall outfit together. this fall season designers also have incorporated pieces that can be versatile to wear as loungewear by bringing sets (top and bottom) into their collections, this way you can mix and match your outfits.

Below are 5 fashion trends to look out for in fall 2021, check them out!


Cutout details were featured in many fashion shows for Fall 2021, such as in 3. 1 Phillip Lim’s F/W 2021 collection. This detail can be either on the sides or back of an outfit to bring a subtle touch of sexiness without overdoing it. From turtlenecks sweaters to long-sleeved dresses, this detail can make any silhouette eye-catching.

Leopard Print Coats

As seen above, fashion brands, Stand Studio and many others such as Negrus Lebrum and R13 have featured leopard print coats on their runways. this is a much fun alternative to muted colors coats, which can be a bit gloomy. Make your coat a “statement” coat by incorporating a fun print like leopard to make your fall wardrobe more lively.

Sweater Vests

When fall comes around, it’s time to play around with layering clothes together. And this fall season is no different with its stand-out trendy piece, the sweater vest. From designers, PH5, Anna Sui, and Veronica Beard (above) the sweater vest is making the rounds. Fashion shows have featured the sweater vest with a unique modern twist by detailing oversized sweater vests and incorporating floral embroidery, vibrant prints, and patterns.

Printed Tights

Printed hosiery is definitely a conversation starter and a bold look to try for Fall 2021. this fun accessory was featured by designers such as Victor Glemaud, Anna Sui, and of course Prabal Gurung (above). you don’t have to be daring to try this Fall 2021 trend, by making it a statement piece and contrasting it to the rest of your outfit.

Vivid Greens & Pinks

As shown in Stine Goya’s F/W 2021 collection, bright colors are making a big comeback. Lime greens were all over fashion week for F/W 2021 as seen at Ganni and Marrisa Wilson. Hot pink shades were also spotted at Zimmerman and Claudia Li as part of the bright color trends. You will stand out with these fun and vibrant colors for the fall.


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