5 Female Driven Movies To Watch On Women’s Day 2021

So International Women’s Day is coming up. It’s wonderful to have a time of year to come together and celebrate the accomplishments of women, whether in technology, science or arts like film. Maybe you want to get together and celebrate your favorite actresses or you’re just tired of male superhero flicks. Whatever the case, a movie night is a perfect way to celebrate women in film with the women in your life. Here are 5 woman-fronted movies to get your marathon started.

Women laughing at a TV show


1. Gentlemen Prefer Blondes


This 1953 classic usually isn’t a contender for best onscreen friendship or feminist film, but maybe it’s been wrongly overlooked. Lorelai Lee and Dorothy Shaw are amazingly supportive of each other, and far from being the stereotypical gold-digging dumb blonde, Lorelai’s man-hunting ambitions are portrayed as part of her intelligence. In fact, there’s actually some pretty cool commentary on women’s financial freedom in “Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend” if you listen closely. If you and your resident Dorothy love a good fashion classic, give this one another watch, it might surprise you.

2. First Wives Club


Ever wonder what you and your best friend will be up to in 30 years? This one might give you a good idea of your future and a few laughs in the process, though hopefully, your friendship involves something a bit more…joyful. First Wives Club follows three women taking revenge on their husbands after a mutual friend dies by her own hand following the discovery of her husband’s affair. It’s a wacky dark comedy that still holds up after over two decades and it’s not often that more mature women get positive depictions of female friendship over 50, so this one is a win for age representation.

3. To Die For


Heathers fans, this one is for you. This 1995 film starring Nicole Kidman is a darkly comedic take on the femme fatale trope and is a descendant of the 1988 killer clique. Suzanne Stone is your average small-town girl wanting to make it big as a broadcast journalist. After her husband starts to pressure her into giving up her career to start a family, she decides it’s a career to die for, and some murderous hijinks ensue. If you want an alternative to Heathers but love dark comedies and brightly colored 90s aesthetics, To Die For is a perfect addition to your movie night.

4. Jawbreaker


Speaking of killer cliques, let’s talk about Jawbreaker. The little sister of Heathers, this dark comedy was a box office flop upon its release in 1999 but has since gained a bit of a cult following, becoming a retroactive classic. After accidentally killing her friend, Courtney Shane becomes the queen bee and adopts outcast Fern Mayo into the group to keep her secret. Eventually, Fern breaks free and teams up with former popular girl Julie Freeman to take down Courtney. This underappreciated classic has one of the best aesthetics I’ve ever seen in a 90s film, so camp and candy-colored. If you love bright colors and 1950s silhouettes, I highly recommend this one for the costuming alone.

5. Nine To Five


What a way to make a living, and a movie night! This 1980 film starring Dolly Parton, Lily Tomlin, and Jane Fonda is a riot and so relatable to anyone who knows they could run the company better than management. After growing tired of their boss’ sexist and sleazy bahevior, friends Doralee Rhodes, Violet Newstead and Judy Bernly decide to take some gut-busting revenge, which culminates in a night of drug-induced fantasizing about said boss’ death. This is a perfect easy watch with your comedy-loving bestie, so pour yourself a cup of ambition and settle in for a good laugh.


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