6 Best Case Study Writing Services

How to Choose a Good Writing Service

We have conducted case studies on six different writing services. If you are in college or high school, a businessman/woman or business owner, you will have papers to write.

Essay writing plays a vital part in your academic growth and writing and presenting reports for your business growth. There are many reasons why you could use a writing service, but you have to find the one that best suits your requirements.

For our case study report, we looked at different criteria and put a list together. We have done the primary research for you.

The main criteria we looked for was:

  • Writing style – There are at least 15 styles of essays. Do they deliver the writing style you require?
  • Services offered – Does the writing service offer: research, thesis help, proper formatting, writing the whole essay if you aren’t able to, provide support with writing only part of your paper ( if that is all you need), and proofread/edit your completed work?
  • Can you “chat” with your writer? An open line of communication is essential.
  • Cost-efficient –  You don’t want to hire the “cheapest,” but you don’t want to spend a fortune either.
  •  Revisions – The writing service you choose should offer at least one free revision.
  • Time frame –  How quickly can the writing service get your paper finished?
  • Before you decide, always read what other people are saying about the essays they’ve received. If they have so-so reviews, they are probably not the company you want to hire.

    This is the list of the companies we researched.

  • PaperHelp;
  • Evolution writers;  
  • MyAdmissionsEssay;
  • CheapPaperWriting;
  • SPEEDYPaper;     
  • ESSAY BOX.           
  •  Why we chose these companies

    We chose these companies because of their outstanding writing teams; they will provide you with a custom paper. Producing an excellent essay, report or thesis is not an easy task.  These services usually hire only writers with degrees in their chosen field—pairing you with the perfect writer for your requested paper.

     Upon completion of our case study, we have chosen the top 6 writing services.

    1. PaperHelp        

    PaperHelp has written over 600,000 paper samples with 105,000+ customers! With the base price starting at just $10.00 per page, it is affordable to most students—PaperHelp’s students range from high school and up.

    They have 24/7 help from their support team – email, chat, phone, or Facebook Messenger. The staff is very responsive to any inquiries. The staff goes the extra mile, clarifying that this writing service is for the client and not the money.

    After reading several testimonies, there was only one negative reply. Upon further research, it was not PaperHelp’s fault. The client was unable to be reached and didn’t reply to his writer within the allotted time.

    An advantage to PaperHelp is that you can track the progress of your paper. You log into your account and see how the essay is progressing!

    You can choose your writer’s skill level. If you have a complex paper, you can hire a top writer. It will cost you more, but you get what you pay for!   

    Coupon code: 1stTime10off


  •       Choose the writer’s skill level from basic writer, advanced writer, or top writer.
  •       PaperHelp writes ALL kinds of papers.
  •       Low base price.
  •       All writers have degrees in their area of study.
  •       The website accepts five different currencies.
  • Cons

  •       Top-level writers get very pricey
  •       They charge extra for plagiarism checks.

    2. Evolution Writers         

    Evolution writers have served over 105,000 students. That is a lot of happy people!

    Their base price starts at $10, and it is quality work. Your first order gets an automatic 15% discount. Evolution Writers is one of the best writing services for the pricing.

    Writers come from English-speaking countries; the USA, Canada, Australia, and the UK. They are experts in all fields of study.

    Evolution Writers has three different categories of writers. Writers include basic writers, advanced writers, and top writers. Basic writers are professional and are assigned to all orders. Advanced and top writers get assigned upon request only.

    Evolution Writers checks all papers to make sure they are plagiarism-free. The writers pay attention to details so you won’t have any grammar or format errors. They also cater to international students so that the paper will meet the level of their language skills.

    Coupon code: 1stTime10off


  •       Free revisions
  •       Evolution Writers guarantee confidentiality. Your school will not be aware you hired them to complete your paper.
  •       Title and reference pages are included in the fee.
  •       Affordable base price.
  •       There is always a 15% discount on your first order.
  • Cons

  •       They have some low customer reviews
  •       Evolution Writers doesn’t always deliver on time.
  • 3.     CheapPaperWriting

     CheapPaperWriting service is one of the top-rated services out there.

    The writing team consists of freelance writers with degrees in your field of study. This company also has some research scholars and Ph.D. students on their writing team.

    The base price of papers on Cheap Paper Writing starts at $12.00 for a high school level paper. Their deadlines begin as quickly as 3 hours. Of course, you would pay a premium for that time-frame.

    Cheap Paper Writing uses native writers and speakers with excellent skill levels. They are strictly confidential too. After you have approved your paper, you are the owner and take on the title of “author.”

     Coupon code: 1stTime10off


  •       Great online reviews
  •       100% confidentiality
  •       Delivers high-quality work on time
  • Cons

  •       A bit more expensive than other services 
  • 4. MyAdmissionsEssay              

    MyAdmissionsEssay is very popular among college campuses. They offer a wide variety of services and don’t overcharge. The base price per page starts at $11.00.

    They write for high school, undergrad, and Ph.D. level papers. Their time-frames start from 3 hours to 20 days.

    The prices are set in US currency, but the website has a currency converter for ease of use. With a total of five currencies being represented.

    All writers at MyAdmissionsEssay have degrees ranging from bachelor’s, master’s, or Ph.D. There are three writers’ categories to choose the level of writer you need, based on your requirements.

    The more papers you buy from this writing service, the more significant your discounts are. These discounts can save you a substantial amount of money over the semesters.

    MyAdmissionsEssay has a high ratio of returning clients, with a 4.9 out of 5 customer rating!

    Coupon code:


  •       They have a large pool of writers to choose from for your needs.
  •       You receive up to 3 revisions included in your price.
  •       Papers are delivered on time.
  •       You can supply your author with any files you think will be needed for your paper.
  • Cons

  •       You must pay for the plagiarism report.
  •       MyAdmissions Essay is slightly pricey with no guarantee you will get a good writer. 
  • 5. Essay Box       

    Essay  Box claims to be the leading provider for writing your papers and specializes in a wide range of homework. 

    Their base price is a bit higher than most other sites — starting at $12.00. They do provide a three-hour to 15 days and up time-frame. Essay box provides papers for high school students through a Ph.D. level.

    Essay Box offers discounts on more significant assignments as well as lifetime loyalty programs. They aren’t as low-cost as some of the other writing services, but if you plan on using a service more than once, you can save some good money with them.

    Coupon code:


  •       Excellent rating on Trustpilot.
  •       100% original papers
  •       High-quality writing
  •       Save money on large orders
  •       Delivers papers on time
  • Cons

  •       Their own website has spelling errors.  
  •       They are higher priced than other writing services.
  • 6. Speedy Paper               

    High school papers start for as little as $9.00. The price increases according to the timeline and the level of documents you need. You can order an essay with a six-hour deadline!

    Speedy Paper guarantees their work to be 100% plagiarism-free with on-time delivery. They also offer 24/7 support. PLUS, you get free revisions within seven days of delivery. That is a good deal!

    All of Speedy Paper’s writers have a degree; bachelor’s, master or a Ph.D. The writers are found on LinkedIn in specialized groups. When you apply for your order, you can be confident that Speedy Paper has the personnel to handle your requirements.

    Speedy Paper guarantees confidentiality. After you have approved your paper, you become the owner of the original product.

    Coupon code:


  •       Affordable prices
  •       The support staff is always available.
  •       They offer a wide variety of services.
  •       Speedy Paper provides you an 11% discount on your first order.
  • Cons

  •       They try to upsell you.
  •       Some revisions may be likely.
  • FAQs

    1.     What is a writing service?

    A writing service is a company that you hire to write essay papers for you. Professionals and students utilize a writing service to help them write the best report for their needs.

    2.     Are writing services legit?

    Always do your research. But the companies we have listed here are legit. Don’t pick the first company you come across. Always seek out the pros that can meet your specifications.

    3.     Will my school know if I hire a writing company?

    No. The companies that we studied are confidential. Your school will not know you hired someone. The paper is yours. The author of the report doesn’t take any credit for writing it.

    4.      Is it cheating to hire someone to write my paper?

    No, it is not cheating. You are buying a custom essay, and the author cannot claim any rights to it. You, the client, get authorship rights because you have paid for the service.

    5.     What kind of papers do writing services offer?

    The writing services that we studied will write anything you need, from high school essays to Ph.D. thesis. The more complicated the paper, the higher the base price will be. The writing service will also meet the deadline that you indicate.

    Bottom Line

    We have put a lot of work into our case study concerning writing services. If you are in the market to hire someone, you will be safe to choose from our list. Try not to select the least expensive service. In most cases, you get what you pay for. Whether you want a professional writer to proofread your paper or have them write you one from scratch, a writing service is a great choice.

    Using a writing service will free up your time to work on your other assignments. Writing assignments constitute about 80% of a college student’s grades. If you are pressed for deadlines, a writing service might be the perfect solution for you. Set any deadline that you need with the writing service. Most of these services have a 3 hour and up deadline. Yes, you will have to pay more for a shorter deadline, but they guarantee the work to be done. The service will allow you to concentrate on other aspects of your workload.

    Writing services should offer you at least one free revision—but any revisions after that, you may have to pay for. When you hire a writing service, your final product should be error-free. After all, you don’t want to pay for something and not get the quality work you deserve. Most writing services are known for high-quality, mistake-free work.

    Now you have to ask yourself if it is worth the money that you will have to spend. Eventually, you will have to know the subject anyway. Once you have given the matter over to the service, you probably won’t take the time to learn anything about the subject.

    There are pluses and minuses to hiring a writing service. To make the right decision for yourself, you will have to weigh the advantages and disadvantages before hiring them.