Fashionary Releases “Textilepedia” Guide For Designers

Calling all fashion students! If you’ve even thought about going to fashion school, chances are you’ve already stumbled on the reality that design is no cakewalk. You have fabric weights, material costs and even geometry to worry about if your concepts are advanced enough. On top of it all, you’re required to be a one-man (or woman) show at the beginning, doing most of the construction and embellishment on your own. Luckily, Fashionary has come to take a load off your shoulders with their latest book, Textilepedia

This wonderful little book consists of 248 pages of fabric specifications, including popular fabric uses, patterns, fiber types, and even a little history. There are 9 chapters of fabrics separated by category so you’ll have no problem finding your specific knit, weave, or even furnishing textile of choice.

Does it drape? Check the book. How elastic is it? Check the book. Can I make small leather goods with it? You know what to do! It’s a great book to keep around if you’re an aspiring designer selecting samples, an editor identifying runway fabrics or just a fashion enthusiast with a terrible memory. I will be ordering my own copy from and there’s discount express shipping over $70, so go ahead and treat yourself to another book while you’re there.



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