Is Selena Gomez Retiring From Music?

The Vogue April Issue is here and it bears some scary news for Selenators. Superstar Selena Gomez hints she’s taking a step back from the music industry. She told the magazine, “I’ve had moments where I’ve been like, ‘What’s the point? Why do I keep doing this?’ ‘Lose You to Love Me’ I felt was the best song I’ve ever released, and for some people, it still wasn’t enough.”

But don’t worry—Selena’s not leaving the scene anytime soon. Revelación, her upcoming Spanish EP, drops on March 12. The singles “De Una Vez”, “Baila Conmigo” and “Selfish Love” are already available to stream. Selena told Vogue, “The project is really an homage to my heritage. A lot of my fan base is Latin, and I’ve been telling them this album was going to happen for years. But the fact that it’s coming out during this specific time is really cool.”

Revelación is Selena’s last shot at separating her music from her persona, which she feels is still deeply tethered to Disney: “I live with this haunting feeling that people still view me as this Disney girl.”



The multitalented star also has plans to expand her career in Hollywood—as both a producer and an actor. She’s currently shooting a new Hulu series, Only Murders in the Building, a comedy in which she, Steve Martin and Martin Short play neighbors attempting to solve an Upper West Side crime.

On casting and working with Selena, Martin says, “There was no question except ‘Can we get her?’ We knew she would enhance the show in so many ways, the number one being talent. Her performance is rich and adult,” he says. “She’s learned to underplay when necessary. Marty and I are pretty manic, and she’s this solid, solid rock foundation. She’s nicely, intensely low-key.”

Whether Selena returns to Hollywood, continues making music or finds the time for both, we’re here for it.

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