Top 5 Fashion Rules To Live By In 2021

When it comes to fashion, there are tons of ways you can express yourself. There are so many fashion rules to live by that will help you make your fashion experience better every single day. Here are the top 5 fashion rules to live by in 2021.

1. Rule Of 10

For the rule of 10, this is how many articles of clothing you have on plus accessories. For example, any undergarments you have on, shirts, pants, socks, shoes, earrings, rings, etc. all of those are counted by themselves. The rule of 10 makes sure you are wearing 10 items every day, and when you have less than 10, this is going to motivate you to add some accessories to spice up your outfit.

2. Patterns

ADD PATTERNS! Patterns are a great way to give every outfit you wear something different. If patterns are not your thing and you like to wear solids, I would suggest wearing a patterned necklace, bracelet, ring, maybe even shoes. Something small so it is not really out of your comfort zone because you can always take off that pattern. Adding something different makes your outfit stand out and it is a great way to add pops of colors.

3. Wear What You Love

If you love it, wear it! The only person that is going to wear what you love is you, and that is the only person that matters. Whether you like bold colors, fun patterns, animal prints, or if you like solid neutrals, wear what you love. Make your own rules and don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone because you may end up liking something that you never thought you would like.

4. Have Some Items That Never Go Out Of Style

Grab a couple of items that will never go out of style. In this case, jeans are a good clothing item to have. Jeans will always be in style because they are something so casual that you can dress up or down. You can have multiple colored jeans, not just your regular blue jeans in your closet. You can have some black jeans, colored jeans, or really any type of jeans because this is such a staple item.

5. Be Confident In Your Style

Wear items that you feel confident in! Fashion is something that will brighten your day if you let it because you can wear whatever you want, show your personality through your clothing, and you have the power to control fashion. There is nothing better than seeing someone who knows they look good in their outfit, smiles, and turns heads wherever they go.