5 Easy & Trendy Hairstyles To Try This Spring 2021

2020 was a tough year for all of us and our style approach was pretty simple since we were all at home for most of the time and didn’t need to put much effort. However, as spring 2021 approaches, a new hairstyle is one way to end the monotony, indulge in some self-care, and prepare for better days ahead. And if you like to see your stylist at the salon or need inspiration for at-home styling, this season’s hairstyles have you covered.

While we may be concentrated on the future, the most popular haircuts in 2021 will have us all looking back. The ’70s are back,  if next year’s hair trends are any indication, think heavily layered shag and curtain bangs. Low-maintenance cuts like blunt ends with minimal layers are perfect choices for anybody who isn’t feeling the retro vibes — particularly if you’re trying to keep your salon trips to a minimum due to rapidly changing COVID-19 constraints.

From professionals hairstylists and the hair trends featured in the runways for spring 2021, here are 5 trendy and easy hairstyles to rock this spring!

Curtain Bangs

With retro 70’s inspiration making a splash in hair trends, curtain bangs are one of the major trends of this nostalgic look.  from all the different types of bangs, this one is the easiest to maintain. this cut frames the face and is suitable for almost all hair types. The curtain band is also versatile and can look effortlessly with a vary of different hairstyles.

Side Centered

You can refresh your look, by easily switching to a side part. this hairstyle is also another prime example of the retro trend from the ’70s. Expert hairstylists advise that a side part can add volume to your hairstyle instantly and looks very chic than a center part.

Shiny Hair

This year an emerging trend in hairstyles is actually caring for your hair. being health-consciousness for the care of your hair is starting to take importance. By deep-conditioning, hair masks, and leave in oil can help you achieve a rich and shiny gloss to your hair. Try High-Shine Serum by Devacurl to give your curls a glossy look!

Trendy Pigtails

Modern paigtails were all the rage at Milan Fashion Week for Spring/Summer 2021. this modern take includes flowy braids. This could be done by braiding the hair with a center part and securing it with little rubberbands.

Modern Shag

The shag is back but with a modern twist. this short haistyle has a small incline of a mullet (which is another standout hairstyle to try if your adventerous) but with softer layers and edges. This staple hairstyle from the 70’s is reworked for modern times by either incorparating bangs or not. This hairstyle also works well with curly, straight or wavy hair, try it out!

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