Top 3 Best Pandemic Date Ideas

We don’t know when this pandemic is going to end. So we have to just make the best of it, and try to go on with our lives. And that includes our dating and romantic lives.

Dating is already difficult, but dating during a pandemic seems impossible. However, it can be done. There are more options than you might think.

Here are three of the best pandemic date ideas. Please remember to practice social distancing and take other precautions when you do decide to go on dates outside your home.

Going To A Park (Only If It’s Warm Out)

Fall Couple Date


I am usually against picnics or hiking, but during a pandemic, they don’t sound so bad after all. Parks are one of the few things open, and it’s easy to practice social distancing at them. As long as it’s warm out, which it should be since spring is coming up. Going outside when it’s cold is not fun.

Getting Food From A Drive-Through

Woman smiling in drive-through line


This is the alternative to the restaurant date. Drive-throughs might not be the ideal date, but they are right now. And who doesn’t love a good drive-though or a fast food place? It’s cheap, tasty, and it’s the best we can do right now.

Having A Zoom Movie Night


Zoom is how many of us are staying in touch right now. It’s also the way most of us can get to know each other. So, let’s use it to have dates. Instead of going to a movie theater, or a drive-in, use Zoom to have an at home movie date. With several movies premiering on streaming services, and old classic films and TV shows already available, might as well take advantage of that.

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