Lizzo’s Fruit Cereal is TikTok’s Most Divisive Recipe Yet

Goodbye baked feta pasta, hello fruit cereal! And just like that, Lizzo’s recipe for “nature’s cereal” has taken TikTok by storm, turning friends into foes. Alright, it’s not that serious. Or is it? Some users are obsessed with the healthy concoction, while others can’t bear the idea of a fruit-based “cereal”… with ice. And there’s absolutely no in-between.

The “Good as Hell” singer’s recipe instructs viewers to fill a bowl with blueberries, strawberries and pomegranate seeds before adding a handful of ice cubes and submerging the mixture in coconut water. It might be the healthiest cereal recipe we’ve seen, but it’s certainly the most questionable.

In the week since it was posted, the original video has amassed over 5.2 million views.


Among the burning questions in Lizzo’s comments are, “why didn’t she just blend the ingredients into a smoothie?”, “what’s the point of adding ice?” and “why not eat the fruit and drink the coconut water separately?”

“Girl who forced you to do this,” one person wrote.

Other foodie accounts gave the controversial recipe a go and many actually liked it. “That is so refreshing, oh my god wow. The coconut water, there’s something, oh wow,” TikTok user @amberchardae said in a video.

On March 11, the Grammy award-winning artist responded to skeptics with a new video. To fans of “nature’s cereal”, she did the unthinkable and dumped the ingredients in a blender. But, according to Lizzo, the result was inferior. “Where’s the flavor!” she exclaimed.

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