10 Fitness Gurus To Follow On Instagram

We’re all guilty of the aimless, hour-long, Instagram scroll — not really paying any attention to whom or what we’re viewing and just blindly double-tapping. With the constant stream of content, it’s very easy to get roped in.

If we’re going to be spending time on Instagram, why not use it wisely? While it’s a source of entertainment for most of us, Instagram also has great potential. We can get motivated, become inspired and even learn new things from the right people on the app.

Instagram is swarmed with beauty gurus, skincare geniuses, art experts, psychologists and so many more insightful people dedicated to educating consumers about the topics we desire to discover.

In light of the pandemic, the Instagram world has become flooded with fitness gurus, specifically those who advertise at-home workouts. As we all know, this past year has had us inside, a lot, and many people became dedicated to maintaining health and wellness throughout the pandemic — this included physical activity.

Now, where to look when you don’t know what exercises to do, are lacking some motivation and just don’t know where to start? Social media — of course! Fitness gurus all over social media have been receiving increasing attention across platforms, as people look to stay active and inspired during these crucial times.

Here are some amazing women who work earnestly to educate and encourage their community about all things fitness. Some take on a more yoga-based approach while others dive into heavy lifting. Whatever your personal preference, there is a lot to learn and these women can help to get you started.



This account is run by two besties, Elizabeth and Dale, who live in NYC and are about sharing their fitness experiences with their followers. These women began writing studio reviews and now share wellness tips, healthy eats, at-home workout classes and more.


Melissa Wood Tepperberg’s mission says, “I’m here to guide you to a place of loving and accepting yourself, exactly as you are. I believe acceptance is where true transformation begins.” As the inspiring creator of the MWH method, she shares hundreds of workouts, self-care tips and healthy nutrition advice.


Most famous for her Bikini Body Guides (BBG), Kayla Itsines has educated millions of women on how to improve their health and fitness. She believes her workouts are great for beginners and those ready for something new.


Gym Shark member Brittane Jackson motivates thousands of women through her many workout challenges. She is now advertising her 21 Day Total Body Challenge for people of all levels and has a fitness library filled with her at-home online programs.


Kelsey Wells is a wife, mother and personal trainer whose goal is to show her followers how to empower themselves and strengthen their bodies. Her app, Sweat, includes training programs with exclusive tutorials and instructions for all of her exercises.


As a certified yoga teacher and reiki practitioner, Phyllicia Bonanno is committed to sharing the gift of sound healing through her workshops and instructs vinyasa flows and meditation. On her Instagram, you’ll find relaxing flows, challenging meditations and lots of inspiration.


Cassey Ho is the ultimate fitness guru. Check out her blog for workout challenges, life advice, nutrition, recipes, body image and all things in between. With over 10 million subscribers, she is succeeding at her mission to spread the joy of fitness.


Tori Sterling became famous through YouTube, gained thousands of followers on Instagram, created a spin studio called Stride and has a podcast on Spotify. She is a multifaceted fitness babe who shares her passion for living a healthy lifestyle with her followers.


Sami Clarke is a famous LA-based health, wellness and fitness trainer. She shares her belief in a holistic approach —   that fitness routines and clean eating combine to enhance the overall quality of life.


Jen Selter displays her healthy lifestyle, recipe ideas and fitness inspo through her social media. She shares with her followers her focus on self-love, health and wellness in all aspects of life.


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