AHS Season 10: Everything We Know So Far

The wait is almost over! Production of American Horror Story Season 10 is finally underway after six months of pandemic-related setbacks. What’s more, creator and showrunner Ryan Murphy has big plans to compensate for the delay. In addition to a new season with returning cast members and a fresh theme, a spin-off series called American Horror Stories is coming to Hulu later this year. Murphy explains, “We are doing 16 one hour stand-alone episodes delving into horror myths, legends and lore… many of these episodes will feature AHS stars you know and love.” Sarah Paulson will direct an episode.

As for Season 10, Murphy first teased fans with an Instagram post on November 10. In typical AHS fashion, the image features an open mouth with sharpened teeth and “AHS 10″ tattooed across its tongue. The post’s location, set to Provincetown, Massachusetts, suggests the new theme will involve the sea.

Murphy graced fans with a second clue on March 10. The showrunner posted a behind-the-scenes shot of cast members Leslie Grossman and Macaulay Culkin standing arm-in-arm on the beach. The pair don matching fur ensembles. Again, the post’s location is set to Provincetown.

The next day, Murphy returned to Instagram with a chilling image of two… men? sea demons? stumbling among what appear to be present-day beach houses. He captioned the nightmare fuel “Night Moves”. The location? You guessed it.

On March 20, Murphy announced Season 10’s title, “Double Feature” with a short video. In between cuts of crashing waves, glitching text reads, “two horrifying stories, one season” followed by, “one by the sea, one by the land.”

The latest update came yesterday, March 23, in which Kaia Gerber was welcomed to the AHS 10 cast. Many commenters expressed their upset with Murphy for bringing the model on while leaving out Emma Roberts and Cody Fern, fan-favorites of seasons past.

Gerber’s celebrity friends such as Antoni Porowski and Ellen Pompeo took to the comments to congratulate the actress on her new role. Real Housewives star Lisa Rinna even dropped a few red hearts. “If I’m dreaming this don’t wake me up,” Kaia responded to Murphy and the many congratulations of her supporters.

Provincetown residents and vacationers caught the cameras rolling in early March.