Top 5 Fashion Influencers To Follow On Instagram In 2021

Everyone nowadays is on pretty much any social media platform. Instagram is the second most used app when it comes to social media following Facebook. So with that being said, one thing that Instagram has is hundreds of fashion influencers, but here are my top 5!

1. Fashioninflux


This Instagram account is run by Lydia Rose, is a UK fashion inspiration with three million followers. On her account, she not only shows her outfit of the day, but she gives How-To tutorials, different hairstyles, and fashion hacks. She has a range of different content on her page that gives people a new idea of how to style their outfits and hair. For example, she has IG reels on how to do the easiest updo, and also how to make a midi dress into a mini dress.

2. Sheidafashionista


This Instagram account is run by Sheida, who is currently living in Dubai. Sheida has 606,500 followers on Instagram and shows her life through fashion, different makeup looks, nail art, and just showing off what she is doing at the moment. She also has a YouTube account that is dedicated to lifestyle vlogs, fashion, and beauty, just like her Instagram. Within her Instagram page, she also shares some of her favorites quotes.

3. K.els.e.y


A couple of years ago I came across Kelsey’s YouTube channel and instantly fell in love with her content. Kelsey currently lives in New York City with 974,000 followers on Instagram. Her account is mainly what she is wearing each day, lifestyle content like going to business meetings, beauty which she shows what kind of makeup she is doing at the moment, and some skincare routines. On her Instagram account, she of course has your basic pictures and videos but also has guides, IG Reels, and IGTV.

4. Fashionshawtylo


This Instagram account is an up-and-coming account by Lauren Mahomes. She currently has 1,108 followers on Instagram where she shows her outfits for different occasions, everyday outfits, and outfits that she has styled herself where she posts where you can find everything in that outfit including the pants, shirts, accessories, shoes, and more!

5. Thefashionbybel


This Instagram account is run by Carli Bybel (kudos for the clever Instagram handle). She has 1.8 million followers on her Instagram account and shares her outfits of the day and also shoes of the day. She has also been in the makes of creating her own website called Shop Carli’s Closet. She has your typical photos and some videos but also shares her life through IG Reels as well. She has her posts laid out where she posts one outfit of the day, shoes she’s loving, and then another outfit of the day so when you go on her Instagram, it is laid out where the shoe pictures are all down the middle and the outfits are on the outside.

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