Top 5 Sustainable Fashion Brands To Shop For Earth Day 2021

Earth day is April 22, 2021, but how can you make a part of Earth day when it comes to fashion? Shop sustainable fashion brands. Fashion has a lot of dark sides to it, including fast fashion, but one way to stop fast fashion is doing research and shopping the best way and shopping with sustainable fashion brands.

If you’re anything like me, you love fashion but dislike fast fashion. But you might be asking yourself, “Wait, what’s fast fashion?” Don’t worry, we’ve all been there at some point. Let’s break it down! Fast fashion is a term to describe profitable businesses like Nike, Forever 21, H&M, Shein, and so much more. These businesses use toxic chemicals in the production of their clothing and harm the environment. Because these businesses are so big in the eye of the public, they do almost anything they can to cut corners which is why they are also big on using cheap chemicals to produce their products to speed up production.

You probably are thinking, “Wow, I had no idea.” That was me too before I found out about fast fashion and before I started really researching sustainable fashion brands and I have my top five favorite brands for you that I think you’ll love! The price points vary as well as the sizing, but let’s not waste any time! 

1. Patagonia


To start off, we have Patagonia. Now, when I heard this one, I wasn’t too sure because this is a big fashion brand and usually big brands go for fast fashion. Patagonia is based out of California, USA, and is usually known for their jackets, but they have so much more (it’s like North face if you’re more familiar with that brand, outdoor clothing.)

Patagonia uses organic cotton when making their clothing items (before it was recycled material.) Patagonia has sizes that range from XXS to XXL as well as up to size 22 (US). The price range is in the middle,  it really all depends on what you’re buying. You can buy hats or other accessories for about $20-$50, but if you’re wanting a jacket, the average cost is $300. You can shop Patagonia here

2. Pact


The second one is Pact. Pact is a women’s, children’s, and men’s clothing store and it is based out of Colorado, USA. Pact is also certified B Corp, now what’s that? B Corp is a private certification to for-profit companies of social and environmental performance. Which basically means this company certifies that it balances the interest of workers, customers, and the environment. Pact uses organic cotton (like Patagonia) and the sizes range from XS to 3XL and up to size 24 (US.) The price range for this varies, you can get clothing items on sale for $9 or you can buy a new sweater for $90. You can check out the website here

3. Eileen Fisher


Third, we have Eileen Fisher. Eileen Fisher is based out of New York, USA. Eileen believes that everything starts with clothes, and that’s true because whether you’re in love with clothes, or just wearing them because you need to get dressed, everyone is wearing clothing.

So instead of throwing away your old clothes, you can turn them into something else or a new design in itself. Her vision is to make clothes better for us and the environment as well as empowering women, from the website itself, its vision is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 25%, how cool is that? The size ranges from XXS to 3X and up to size 24 (US), and this brand is very expensive, so that may not be for everyone, but the message and work behind it might make others think differently. You can check out the website here

4. Mother Of Pearl


Fourth we have Mother Of Pearl. This is based out of the United Kingdom and is contemporary sustainable fashion. This brand was created to make fashion the future. Mother of Pearl focuses on the environment, transparency, animal welfare, and social responsibility. This brand very expensive, having cardigans and scarves range from a price $245 to $645. Mother of Pearl has sizes that range from S to XL and occasionally have clothing items that are one size. You can check out the website here.

5. Girlfriend Collective


Lastly, we have Girlfriend Collective. Girlfriend Collective has all of its clothing made out of recycled water bottles (and of course, love). Girlfriend Collective has sizes that range from XXS to 6XL! (The most inclusive brand yet on this list!) Girlfriend Collective has a range of clothing but mainly focuses on their athletic wear. They also have bras, tanks and tees, puffer jackets, windbreakers, and more! They have a range of prices, (of course, depending on what you are buying) from $6 to $300. You can shop Girlfriend Collective here.

Now, you’ve had a little inside scoop of fast fashion, five sustainable brands, and a little bit about them. We all live on this Earth, using sustainable fashion brands instead of fast fashion can cut down on gas emissions, reduces water pollution, recycling materials, and more!

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