5 Fun Easter Egg Hunts for College Kids

Who says college kids can’t have fun on Easter? Sure egg hunts are more for little kids, but there’s no shame in embracing your inner kid with an egg hunt of your own! Grab some colorful plastic eggs from the grocery store or the dollar store and fill them with lots of fun treats!

These five egg hunts are perfect for any college kid that wants to have a little fun this Easter with plenty of different but exciting things to find in the eggs!

Boozy Hunt


For the 21 and up crowd, small nips of alcohol are a welcome surprise in this hunt. Get together a handful of friends and pick out some of your favorite kinds of alcohol. Add in some tips for mixers to make it an extra special hunt! Want to do a golden egg? Put a handful of nips in there and a coupon for a big beautiful cocktail!

Enjoy making some fun drinks with friends afterward and remember to drink responsibly!

Classic Candy


You can never go wrong with a classic hunt with lots of candy. Fill some colorful eggs with jelly beans, chocolates, or even Peeps! Pick your favorite candy and run with it. Shake those jelly bean eggs for a fun memory from childhood. Just be careful not to put chocolate eggs in the sun…

Throw the crown jewel golden egg in there with a full-size candy bar or a massive overflow of different candies! Have fun with it!

Confetti Eggs


Looking for a new way to have fun on Easter? Try using confetti eggs! These fun eggs can be a great take on an egg hunt. Be quick to find the eggs to target your friends. Take this adventure outdoors for a less messy experience.

When looking for eggs, try to opt for ones with confetti that are biodegradable. You can even make your own by hollowing out eggs and cutting out confetti with leaves! There are plenty of options for a fun confetti hunt to make it a colorful explosion.

LEGO Figures


This one is for the nerds. Imagine having friends who all love Star Wars or Marvel getting to find little figures of their favorite characters! Look for some of the keychain figures so people who participate can keep them forever. Some may end up with a huge stack, others with only one. Either way, having at least one figure makes this hunt a great event!

As a more out-of-the-box idea, this egg hunt would certainly be a memorable one!

Money Hunt


Pennies, nickels, or dimes, a money egg hunt is always fun! Even a “broke” college kid can still indulge in this kind of egg hunt with whatever kinds of coins you want to use. Consider splurging with some friends for dollar bills and maybe even a gift card is hidden in the golden egg.

No matter what kind of egg hunt you go with, these 5 are great ways to have fun and share some great treats! Remember to use whatever space wisely and to stay safe. Even in the pandemic, there are still fun ways to have a great Easter egg hunt!

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