The Most Underrated Female TV Characters Of All Time

There are some TV characters that we all know and love. However, some TV characters don’t get the love they deserve, particularly the female ones. Here are the most underrated female TV characters.

Monica Geller – Friends

While all the ‘Friends’ characters are beloved, and rightfully so, Monica Geller seems to be the most underrated. While she can be a little annoying, Monica is a fully fleshed out character, and is a necessary addition to the show. She’s also one of the most unique characters on TV. Lastly, her and Chandler have one of the greatest TV romances of all time.

Nia Nal/Dreamer – Supergirl

Nia Nal has quickly become the best character on ‘Supergirl.’ Unfortunately, the fans don’t give her enough love. Nia is one of the better written characters on the series, and she has some of the most interesting and cohesive storylines. And on ‘Supergirl’, that says a lot. She’s also the superhero “Dreamer” and has some incredible powers. What’s not to love?

Ann Perkins – Parks & Recreation

Ann Perkins is the “straight man” on “Parks & Rec.” However, that’s what makes her a great character. She’s a great support system to most of the crazy characters, usually Leslie. She’s always there to bring someone back down to earth. And she serves as the voice of reason. What more could you want?

Cece Parikh – New Girl

Cece is underrated for the same reasons as Ann Perkins. She’s the straight man of this series. However, unlike Ann, Cece is still willing to get involved with the craziness of the other characters. One of her running gags is her teaming up with Winston to mess with someone else, known as the “Winston Cece Mess Around.” She’s also a loyal best friend to Jess, and a great partner to Schmidt. Plus, she inadvertently gets the plot in motion, since the only reason Jess gets to move into the apartment is her being best friends with Cece.