3 Best Ways To Dress Up And Down An Outfit: Style Guide

One of my favorite things to do when it comes to styling my outfit or outfits for others is to share tips on how to dress up and down an outfit. Not many people realize that if you pick an outfit you really want to wear and then add some cute accessories and shoes, you have successfully dressed up an outfit. Or, on the other hand, if you want to wear an outfit but it is too dressy, you can just pair it with some different shoes, shirts, etc. and then it will be dressed down.

So, let’s begin. I don’t want to waste any time. This is going to be three ways you can dress up an outfit and also, three ways to dress down an outfit that will fit any occasion! Let’s start with dressing up an outfit.

1. Add Dressy Shoes


Shoes are pretty much the main fashion item that would always dress up an outfit just because of how they look. You can wear pretty much any heel that you want, but if you are not a big heel fan but still want to wear dressy shoes, you can wear some flats that will also spice up an outfit. You can also wear a lower heel, like a kitten heel, that way if you are not the best at wearing heels, you are not super high up and they are easier to walk in most of the time.

2. Tie Your Top


One way to make your outfit look a little different is to tie your top, like pictured above. This usually makes your outfit different and brings attention to not only you but your whole outfit. Tieing your shirt is one way to maybe step out of your comfort zone if you are used to just wearing your shirts normally, and it also will help you discover new ways to style your clothing because you can tie your shirts in many different ways.

3. Add Accessories


Accessories are going to be your best friend when you are dressing up an outfit! Accessories can make your outfit so much more sophisticated even if you are just wearing jeans and a shirt. Accessories are not just confined to jewelry and purses, you can expand to hats, belts, earrings, handbags, scarves, and so much more!

Now that you got a few tips on how to dress up your outfit, let’s look at some ways to dress down an outfit.

1. Add Casual Shoes


When it comes to dressing down an outfit, one of the best ways is to wear casual shoes. When you bring casual aspects to your outfit, it turns into more of a relaxed style which is what most people are going for when it comes to dressing down.

2. Wear Denim


Jeans are such a staple item that you can either dress up or down jeans, but the main way people wear jeans is a casual way which is mainly what you can do to dress down an outfit. You can pair jeans with casual shoes and then make your shirt a little more dressy if you want. Jeans are one of the safest clothing items to wear because you can pair jeans with pretty much anything!

3. Add Knitwear


Knitwear is a good alternative to blazers, jackets, and leather because you can not only be comfortable and warm, but you are also choosing a more relaxed outfit! Knitwear cardigans are a good way to just throw something on when you are a little cold, or even just to throw on to be able to go out and it completes your outfit.

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