5 Benefits of Hosting ATX Tax Software on Cloud

ATX is a professional tax return creation software that assists small accounting enterprises, CPAs, and finance departments of companies with a solution including storage of tax compliance forms.

The Desktop version of ATX software provides several features but lacks remote accessibility. Additionally, there is a restriction with the editing element of the tax-related information in that specific time as clients and CPAs are not capable to collaborate on the same file.

ATX tax software on the cloud offers several advantages for CPAs and tax preparers to file more tax returns quickly.

Here are some of the advantages of ATX Tax software on the cloud:

  1. Remote Access

With ATX Cloud Hosting, you can have to access it from anywhere with the help of a laptop, desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

It allows you to be independent from the local network. Getting swift online response of the ATX cloud hosting is one of the key advantages as the software is installed and operating on computing servers with high-performance.

  1. Low Hardware Specification

When you host ATX tax software on the cloud, there is no obligation to create your personal IT support; you will have your service provider’s server in your control instead.

You can operate your ATX application without spending on purchasing the equipment required to operate it on a network inside an office. ATX hosting provider would also make sure that you get any system updates as soon as they are released.

  1. Access the any data at any time

ATX cloud hosting enables your accountants, employees, or CPAs located in separate locations to access the same data at the same time and makes collaboration simpler. It is also compatible with a Hosted Virtual DesktopEveryone can work to achieve quicker results and greater productivity simultaneously.

  1. Security

Security of files and data is surely most essential for accounting firms. Any breaches to data security might occur due to unprotected data transfer in the network or a problem with storage malfunction.

Hosted ATX software keeps your data in the most reliable way possible. Trustworthy ATX hosting providers have extremely protected data security plans like end-to-end encryption, multi-factor authentication, prevention system, intrusion detection, firewalls, etc. along with several backups.

  1. Reduces IT Management Responsibility

Outsourcing the administration and on-premises control of ATX tax software allows small business owners to focus on primary business operations rather than focusing on the software which supports them.

As cloud hosting supports remote connectivity, you can collaborate, track, and monitor the actions after outsourcing them.

Besides, ATX software hosting decreases the requirement for manpower to maintain and support the on-premises hardware, servers, and network.

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