10 Thoughtful Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day (2021)

Quick reminder, Mother’s Day 2021 falls on Sunday, May 9 this year — just a little over a month away! Don’t panic though, there’s still time to get that perfect Mother’s Day gift. 

Gift-giving is just one of the many ways to show your appreciation for your loved ones. If you’re ready to start thinking about what gift to give this Mother’s Day, here’s a list to help you out!

Curated Self-Care Kit

Give your mom the TLC she deserves with a curated self-care kit. Gather some skincare products, bath bombs, face masks and her favorite yummy snacks. I can guarantee she’ll love this one — pinky promise!

Customized Stationery

It is universal — moms love customized stationaries. Give her a functional gift that she’ll use all the time. Personalize a stationery set with your mom’s initials, favorite colors and her own added flare. She might even use it to send you a thank you note!

Monthly Subscription Box

subscription box, makeup, skincare, products, monthly box


The gift that keeps on giving! A monthly subscription box is a great gift idea for the mom who never treats herself. Purchase a subscription and your mom will be gifted monthly with different fashion pieces, skincare products, home decor — whatever you choose!

Personalized Video From Loved Ones

This one is my personal favorite. There is nothing more special than telling someone why and how much you love and appreciate them. Ask your friends and family to send in video clips talking about your mom, edit them together and display the finished product on Monther’s Day. Bonus points — this gift is completely free and might even make your mom cry!

At-Home Manicure Kit

As things look a little bit different this year, not all of us can head to the nail salon for a proper pamper sesh. Bring the salon home to your mom with an at-home manicure kit. Pick out some pretty colors, get the necessary nail care supplies and even throw in a pair of flops for a pedicure!

Essential Oils & Diffuser

essential oils, essential oil diffuser, self-care, relaxation


Talk about relaxation! Essential oils and a diffuser to go with is the perfect gift to relax your mom — they all need some relaxing right?! Your mom will absolutely love this gift and get so much use out of it too.

PS — essential oils can be a bit confusing, so pair this gift with a guide for all of the different uses and benefits!

At-Home Spa Day

If you haven’t yet noticed a trend, I’ll spell it out for you — give the gift of at-home R&R this year! Collect the spa essentials, set the tone with candles and music and give your mom the ultimate at-home spa Mother’s day, that she deserves.

Cameo From Her Favorite Star

Bethenny Frankel? Lindsay Lohan? Jerry Springer? The list goes on. Check out the Cameo website to see if you’re mom’s favorite star is sending customized videos. Such a great way to shock your mom with an awesome Mother’s Day gift.

Fragrance Set

perfume, fragrance, fragrance scent


This is a basic one, I know, but hear me out! A fragrance set is a go-to gift every time for a reason. Get your mom her favorite fragrance or have her try out something new — either way it’s a guaranteed win.

Personal Photo Book

Cue the tears again! A personal photo book is a thoughtful gift your mom will adore. There are tons of websites where you can personalize a photo book with all your favorite pictures. Or, if your feeling old-fashioned, gather some old pics and throw them into a scrapbook!


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