Top 10 Easy & Fun Gifts Ideas for Mother’s Day

Giving gifts to your mother can be hard, you want them to know you appreciate them. It can be hard to think of ideas since your mom has done so much. You can always send flowers with a nice card, but maybe you want to mix it up this year. If you are looking for something new, here are some great ideas.


1. An Instapot

It can steam, cook rice, sautè, slow cook, and even more! Who wouldn’t want an all-in-one? You can free up some of that counter space and allow your mom to have a device that is an all-in-one.

2. A Jewelry Holder

There are so many cute options when it comes to this. A box, bowl, or a ringer holder, there are plenty of options for this type of gift. Plus your mom can now have a cute way to display her jewelry.

3. Humidifier

Who doesn’t like to breathe easily? A humidifier is a nice way to clear the air in the area and add some moisture to the air. It can help if you have asthma or trouble breathing.

4. A New Handbag

Who doesn’t love getting something new like this? I always love getting a new bag and getting a chance to show it off. Kate Spade, Gucci, Loungefly, or any nice brand.

5. A Spa Kit

What’s a nice way to say I love you, except putting together a robe, lotions, face masks, and hot towels. It’s a nice idea so someone can relax, plus you can buy their favorite snacks, wine/drinks, and their favorite candle.

6. A Wine Opener/Wine Plugs

Maybe your mom likes to drink wine every so often, perhaps you can get her a nice wine opener? Or maybe a bottle plug that looks like Mickey and Minnie, a dog, really anything. It’s something cute you can do and your mom is sure to enjoy it.

7. Favorite Make-up

If you know what make-up, lotions, brushes, or cleaners she likes, it’s thoughtful. If someone remembers my favorite brands, it makes me feel loved and appreciated. You can never go wrong with remembering those small details.

8. New Shoes

If you know her shoe size, getting her slippers, heels, or sneakers. Maybe she wants to work out, go shopping, stay in, or go on a date. Whatever she is into, it’s always nice to get new shoes!

9. New Earrings

If she loves jewelry, new earrings are a fun way to go! They are easy to find, different styles to choose from, colors, cuts, and all sorts of places to get them from. Every time she wears them, she will think of you.

10. Flowers, Candy, Snacks, and drinks

If none of these work, you can rely on flowers, favorite snacks, a nice card, and a phone call. It may seem like a clichè, but what your mother does love is knowing that you are thinking of her.


Hopefully, these gift ideas help you this coming mother’s day! Parents are tough to shop for, but make sure to let your mother know you love her. It’s always nice to be thought of, especially someone who was there for you your whole life.



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