Top 10 Graduation Gifts You Should Buy (2021)

Graduation is just around the corner and getting gifts can be hard. What do you get someone who is about to start life? How do you congratulate someone on accomplishing something so amazing? As someone who will be graduating soon, I can think of some things that would be helpful and fun! Here’s my list of some amazing graduation gifts for your student this year.


1. Air Fryer

A popular trend, but so worth it! This has made cooking food so easy and tasty. I love using my air fryer to speed up my cooking process, and anyone who loves to cook or easily heat up food will love this!


2. Wireless Charger

With how fast phones are adapting, having a wireless charging pad is a nice thing to have. No more plugging in your phone, just put the phone on the pad and go.


3. Bluetooth Earbuds

Who doesn’t like wireless headphones/earbuds? Airpods, Beats, Skullcandy, and the like. You can’t go wrong with ant kind of Bluetooth earbuds.


4. A New Phone

Someone starting their life might new an upgrade on their phone. Or at least help to buy one, the best thing you can do is help your loved one with an upgrade.


5. Giftcards

You can never go wrong with money. Perhaps you can get them some small gift cards to their favorite places. It can be sitdown, fast food, or pizza. Something nice so they don’t have to worry about cooking right away.


6. Meal Subscription Kit

Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, or any kind of meal subscription. With someone still taking the next steps towards being an adult, it always helps to get a little inspiration for when to make for dinner. It helps take out some of the guessing.

7. Webcam

Since 2020, Webcams have been very useful. With this recent graduate, they might need one for meetings, interviews, and personal use to see family and friends. It’s never a bad idea for any kind of use.


8. Instafilm Camera

It’s a fun way to capture memories and decorate a space. With someone who is still figuring out life, it will be important to document these moments.


9. New Wine Glasses

Once graduation is done, most people like to celebrate with wine. Getting your new space you will also need dishes, and having fun wine glasses is a great way to start. Get something that’s fun and thoughtful is great.


10. Subscription Gift Card

Maybe they like Hulu, Netflix, HBO, Spotify, getting them a gift card to their favorite service is a good idea. Save them some money by helping them get a free month or two of streaming AD free. What’s a better way to celebrate freedom than with some fun entertainment.

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