8 Tik Tok Trending Hair-Care Hacks

If you’re anything like me, you desperately want that thick, voluminous, and shiny hair you see women rocking all over the internet. It seems impossible to achieve, but I promise it’s not. The trending tips, hacks and styles below will get you started on attaining that gorgeous hair you’ve always wanted!

It is so important to take care of your hair in between washes to achieve your desired results. Let these amazing women — and their amazing hair — inspire you to try out some of their DIY hair care!

Rice water Rinse


The rice water rinse has been taking over Tik Tok — if you have no idea what I’m talking about, today is your lucky day!

This hair care hack is not a new trend, it began long ago and has been used in Japanese women’s culture for years. The rice is said to have amino acids that, when rinsed into your hair, can be absorbed to repair damaged hair. The rinse results in increased shine, smoother texture and overall stronger hair, according to rice-water-obsessed users.

Mixed Oil Mask


Hair oil has always been known to improve hair health, but it can be extremely confusing to decide which to use. Lilly Van Brooklyn, viral for her effective hair-care tips, shares this mixed oil mask to make it easy!

Scalp Massage


Head massage has been used for centuries in the Indian culture and began as an ancient Indian practice of medicine, called Ayurveda. The goal of Ayurveda is to balance the body, mind and spirit and it is believed that these messages promote the body’s natural healing power.

Indian women began scalp massages long ago to promote healthy hair and this remedy is now used by thousands of women today. These relaxing massages are said to strengthen the root of the hair, improve thickness, encourage growth and so much more — not to mention, it feels amazing!

Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse


There are so many hair products that contain apple cider vinegar as one of many ingredients. But why not skip the high prices and go straight to the good stuff, ACV.

ACV on the hair helps restore pH balance and is known as anti-inflammatory and antibacterial. Thrilled Tik Tok viewers claim this rinse cleanses the scalp, promotes hair growth and increases shine.


It’s so easy to fall victim to the routine of washing your hair every day, blow-drying and using hot tools to style — but it’s also totally avoidable. Gain some inspo from the protective hairstyles and tips below to get that hair looking strong and shiny.

Natural Curly Hair


You may not know this yet, but you might have naturally curly hair! This Tik Tok trend became popular months ago, but it’s still being used by many.

The technique, shown in the video is said to promote the natural and bouncy curls you never knew you had. By using this approach, you are lessening the need for long blow dry sessions and excessive hot tools — say hello healthier hair!

Claw Clips


Not only are claw clips the cutest hair-care trend, but they might also be protecting your hair too! Using claw clips can limit breakage caused by hair ties which can help with frizz and those pesky fly-aways.

In her video, Lauren Wolfe demonstrates some easy ways to style your hair in this adorable and protective hairstyle.

Silk Sleepwear



Silk pillowcases are glamourous, soft, so comfortable to sleep on and also have amazing benefits!

Silk is very gentle which helps in the prevention of breakage and split ends, reducing frizz and fly-aways and promoting hydrated hair.

Heatless Curls



Who doesn’t want voluminous curls without the damaging effects caused by blow dries and curling irons?!

This hair hack is one of my favorites because it provides amazing results every time, once you get the hang of it of course. You can use a sock, bathrobe or soft towel to achieve this gorgeous, damage-free look.