7 Snacks and Drinks Perfect for Your Next Picnic

There’s nothing like a nice picnic in the sun with friends. College students especially can reap the benefits of the nice weather and gorgeous spots on campus. There are lots of options for snacks and drinks to make a picnic so great!

Here are 7 great snacks and drinks to consider when packing up for your next picnic, and remember to drink responsibly!

Cheese Varieties


Lots of college girls on social media are right for posting their charcuterie boards. The vast array of good cheese is a perfect snack for laying outside in the sun. You can mix and match different kinds, like soft spreadable cheese and hard cheddars. Pick ones that suit your taste and the rest of your spread!

Crackers (Favorites and Homemade)


You can’t have cheese without crackers! Go for simple and salted ones to let the cheese shine through. Or pick super flavorful ones to let mild cheeses take a back seat. There are no wrong answers here ever! It all depends on what your tastes are and what you want.

Want to take it up a notch? Try homemade crackers! There are dozens of recipes out there for crispy crackers that you can make. They’re super simple and don’t take long at all!



Every Instagram-worthy picnic spread always includes one crucial item: a bottle of wine. Good wine compliments any spread of snacks. Grab some nice wine glasses and pour some for you and your friends to enjoy. An ice-cold bottle of rose or Moscato is perfect for a refreshing drink with snacks.

Cider and Mead


Apples on their own are a great fall treat, but their fermented form are a year-round favorite! Angry Orchard has a few flavors that are perfect compliments for your snack spread. Check out some recipes for add-ins to make the ciders extra tasty.

Another unique treat is the medieval mead. This drink is coming back as a popular drink amongst college students. It’s sweet from honey and has flavor varieties from wildflowers and other things from nature.

Grapes and More


Feel like the royal you are! Get some fancy grapes freshly washed and shining in the sun. Green, red, black, even cotton candy! You can’t go wrong with a mix of any of them. Lay in the sun and pop a few for some great pictures.

Not feeling grapes? No worries, go for your favorite fruit instead. As long as it’s something fresh to compliment the rest of your snacks and drinks there’s really no going wrong.



If you’re going with some cheese and crackers and fruit, there’s one last thing you’ll need. Honey is the perfect topper to cheese and crackers. Splurge on some fancy honey from popular stores across the country. But you can never really go wrong with store-bought honey.

For a perfect stack take a cracker with some sharp cheese, drizzle some honey on top, and BAM! The perfect salty/sweet snack.



Ever been to Panera and had the baguette side? Did you know the store sells full baguettes? They do and they are absolutely worth getting. Slice and toast a handful of a baguette for your picnic, or just grab a bread knife and take the whole thing out with you.

No matter what your next picnic looks like, these snacks and drinks are perfect additions for a great sunny spread!

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