The 5 Spring Essentials for Lounging in the Sun (2021)

The sun is shining and springtime weather is here! Outdoor activities are a huge plus of the season and with that, there are some great essentials anyone should have for fun in the sun!

As always remember to be responsible when outside and follow local COVID guidelines to keep everyone safe.

Rainbow Sandals

A standard of the West Coast that can be used by anyone! These flip flops are comfortable (after you break them in) and look great with easy spring outfits. Keep them around for when summer rolls in, they’re perfect for the beach or a walk outside!

There are a variety of colors from light brown to black and a few styles perfect for every person. Be warned though, these shoes can be difficult to break in. They are absolutely worth the result.

Tote Bag


An essential for carrying any goods and items for activities. A good tote bag can hold lots of fun things while also looking nice. Grab some budget ones from Target and the like to have a few you can match with your outfits! Super functional, you can never go wrong with a few of these. Carry snacks for a picnic, towels for the beach, or even just for an afternoon window shopping.

Pro tip: grab some waterproof shoe spray for fabric totes to create a waterproof barrier. This can help when taken to any potentially wet activities and can be a lifesaver!

Sheer Makeup


Gone are the days where bronzer makes up for the lack of sun. Now, you can swap out heavier makeup for light touches of color and sparkle. Look for light coverage foundation and highlighter droplets to create a more dewy look. The goal is to let the sunshine do the work to make everything pop.

Mix it up with some colorful eyeshadow or colored eyeliner to bring some color into your life!

Ribbon Ties


These unique scrunchies have been popping up all over social media lately. There are loads of colors and styles to choose from that can complement any outfit. Use them with half up half down hairdos or a straight ponytail. Grab some solid colors to add to a monochrome. Maybe a patterned one for something unique to a normal outfit!

The possibilities are endless with these!

Fresh Skin Care


After a harsh winter, fresh skincare is incredibly important. Use the warm weather as motivation to kick start a new routine. The latest in skincare has been the Canadian-based company The Ordinary and their budget-friendly products.

Not only have their popular serums lived up to the hype, but some of their under-the-radar products have also shown to be incredible for the skin. Keep in mind, however, that new products should be patch tested to make sure they are safe for your skin type.

No matter what kind of spring activities you partake in, these items are great to have on hand. Each of them has their own function to make sure you’re next outdoor adventure is the best one. Get creative with any of the essentials, there is no one product for one person after all. And have a lovely spring!

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