10 Essential Items For When You Move Out

When college has ended and real-life begins, many post-graduate students want to start their own lives and be on their own. You can finally live in your own space and make it unique to yourself. But with so much space to fill on your own, how do you know what you need?

This list aims to answer that with 10 essential items that every post-grad should have when moving into their own space. While there are some missing, as time goes on you’ll figure out more to add!

Dishware (Basic and Nice)

If you’re going to have friends over you’ll need things to serve them food on of course. Dishware may seem like an obvious choice but it’s more than that. You’ll want to spring for a cheap option for everyday use, but also a nicer option that guests can use as well. Sure you can save money with some paper products, but really it’s time to be a proper adult and use the real stuff.

Coffee Mugs

This is a staple item for any kitchen. The fun part, however, is that you can decide what it looks like! Grab a set of matching ones for friends to use or start a collection of unique ones to show off your personality. Either way, they’ll be a hit!


It is absolutely worth it to invest in bar-related products if you like mixing drinks. Shakers and strainers, glasses and ice trays, all of it. Create a set-up for it all to easily access next time you want a drink or you’re having a dinner party!

A Comfy Chair

You know you want this. There’s always that one house that has a nice chair by the TV that everyone loves. Find one of your own for a comforting touch to your living room. Whether it’s a swing chair, a soft chair, or even a rocking chair, it’s absolutely worth it.

Speaker or Record Player

Music makes the world go round. Nothing gives a space a nice touch like a speaker or record player. For those who simply like to stream music, a cute and stylish speaker is the way to go. For anyone who likes vinyl, record player all the way. Or combine both with recent models of record players that also have Bluetooth speakers built right in!

Tea Lights and Candles

It’s about time to put away the string lights of college. With your own space, candles and tea lights are a much better substitute. Use them in all the right places for an added natural glow. When using wicked candles, be sure to spread out scented ones to not overwhelm your senses.

Cleaning Supplies

This may seem like a no-brainer but it’s super important to remember. A collection of good cleaning supplies is necessary for any new space. Remember all the sprays, sponges, brooms, and vacuums needed to keep your space extra clean!

First-Aid Kit

Another no-brainer but important to remember item. First-aid kits are great to have on hand for any emergency. Even if it’s a small box filled with some band-aids and creams, it’s still good to have. There are great options out there for kits filled with band-aids, burn cream, medicine, and other supplies you may never know you need.

Miscellaneous Box

A unique item, not too many people think of. The idea behind this box is to fill it with items you don’t need too often. Items include; batteries, rubber bands, zip ties, mini tools, office supplies, and more. Put in a spot where it’s easy to find but doesn’t take up too much space. Then, it’ll always be there when you need it!


The lifesavers of any space. Having smart organizers in the kitchen, office, bedroom, and bathroom ensures no space goes to waste. Target and other stores are great places to find these kinds of useful items. Plus, there are loads of DIYs out there to make sure you are as organized as you can be.

While every single item may not be on this list, these 10 items are a great starting point for living on your own as a young adult. Keep a checklist of them all and have fun matching colors and patterns for an aesthetic-looking home!