10 Beauty Hacks Every Woman Should Know

If you’re looking for skincare tips, hair hacks and makeup tricks, you are in the right place! Here are the top 10 beauty hacks that every woman must know.

Gua Sha For Facial Toning

Gua Sha is a massage technique that originated as part of traditional Chinese medicine and is now trending all over the world. Using a gua sha tool has become a trending beauty hack for its many benefits. It is known to tone your face, carve out your jawline, release tension, reduce inflammation and so much more!

Incorporate Argan Oil For Hair Care

Argan oil is extremely versatile and can be used for many different beauty hacks. Filled with healthy fatty acids, powerful antioxidants and tons of vitamins, argan oil can be great for hair health. Use it as a hair mask or pre-styling oil for increased moisture, heat protection, scalp health and decreased hair loss.

Apply Eye Shadow To Thinning Hair

If you have any pesky bald spots or areas of thinning hair, this hack is perfect for you! Don’t get thrown off by the idea of using eyeshadow on your hair because it’s surprisingly effective. Find a shade that matches your hair color and lightly dust the shadow over the spot you desire.

Use Colored Liner To Enhance Your Eye Shade

Let’s break away from only using black eyeliner in our makeup looks. Different color liners can actually enhance your natural eye color and make it pop! Try earthy colors for blue eyes, dark hues for brown eyes, greens for hazel eyes and reddish tones for green eyes.

Dry Brush For Lymphatic Drainage

While dry brushing began trending months ago, it’s still a very popular beauty hack! So many women use dry brushing pre-shower for the amazing benefits that come with the easy technique. Dry brushing is good for exfoliating your skin, stimulating your lymphatic system, increasing circulation, fighting cellulite and helping the body get rid of its natural toxins.

Make Your Nails Dry Faster With Cold Water

Are you sick of waiting what feels like hours for your nail polish to try after applying that final coat? Well here’s a solution — fill a bowl with freezing water and dip your freshly painted nails in for about five minutes. It won’t ruin the polish, I promise!

Use Vaseline On Your Lashes

Vaseline is an extremely moisturizing balm that can hydrate your lashes and keep them perky! Curl your lashes and apply Vaseline with a clean mascara brush for a naturally lifted lash look.

Drink Chlorophyll For Healthier Skin

Among the many other benefits you can reap from drinking chlorophyll, skin health is one of the most loved — for a good reason! Chlorophyllin, which is in liquid chlorophyll has the potential to reduce inflammation and bacterial growth in skin wounds, helping with the appearance of acne and pores.

Heat Your Lash Curler For A Better Curl

Use a blow dryer, on the hottest setting, to heat your eyelash curler immediately before use, then curl. This will help to lock in the curl, giving your lashes a mini-perm!

Use Tape For The Perfect Winged Liner

The image above pretty much sums up this beauty hack! Apply a piece of tape right below your desired wing and glide your liner above the tape for the perfectly straight and even winged look.