5 Stay-Cations in Place of Spring Break (2021)

For many college students, the pandemic has canceled plenty of events throughout the year. The latest victim of course being Spring Break 2021. Missing out on such a fun week can be hard for plenty of students, and having to work through the semester isn’t easy.

Didn’t get a spring break this year? Check out these 5 stay-cations perfect to lift your spirits and make you feel refreshed and renewed.

Spa Night

Take away all your stress with a lovely spa night. This stay-cation is all about relaxation and rejuvenation. Grab some face masks or check out some DIY recipes to make your own. Paint your nails, lay in a robe, and drink some wine.

This stay-cation is all about taking some time to treat yourself right. Enjoy the glow when you’re all done!


No matter where you are, there are some great places to hike. This can be a perfect day trip and a sort of stay-cation since you can stay local. Hiking can be a great experience for you and your friends. The views and fresh air can be perfect after lots of time inside doing homework.

Be sure to do proper research into what’s on your local trails. Wear the right clothes and take lots of snacks and water. When you’re ready to go, enjoy the views!


Are you a big fan of baking shows and competitions? This stay-cation is perfect for you! Grab some friends over zoom and pick a recipe to bake off! Have fun making intricate and interesting baked goods while sharing laughs with friends.

Looking for a big challenge for this one? Check out the Great British Bake Off recipes online to really up the difficulty for you and your friends. This a great stay-cation for fun baking and chatting with the people around you. And of course, enjoy the food after!


Nothing says taking a break from work like doing some DIY projects. There are tons of options out there. Make some new decor for your living space, repurpose old items, or make something entirely new! Most of these projects have items already in your living space. Otherwise, it’s a quick trip to the store!

Check out Pinterest, Michaels, or other craft blogs for an endless list of DIY projects. Put some of your favorite music on and have fun!

Game Night

One of the best ways to have a great stay-cation is with plenty of games. Grab a variety of board games, card games, and online games to mix it up! Over 21? There are lots of online rules to turn anything into a drinking game. Just remember to be responsible.

A game night stay-cation can be super fun with a variety of games. Check out Jack Box games for 7 different party packs full of online fun! Or Disney’s Villanous board game for a strategy game perfect for those who want to be clever with a touch of Disney!

No matter what you play, this game night can be a great way to take your mind off work and school, and instead focus on having a little fun!

Whatever stay-cation you decide on, make sure to have a good time to make up for that lost Spring Break.