Top 10 Indie Games to Play Right Now

Video games are not just ways for people to be violent. They can be beautifully crafted stories full of life and characters that can inspire us. Indie games, or independent games, are the best kinds of games that strive to do just this.

Indie games may be made by a few people, or in some cases one person, but they are some of the greatest games. These 10 indie games are the best to play right now for their story, humor, charm, wit, and so much more. Anyone can play these games and everyone should at least once in their lives.

Stardew Valley

Created by one man, Stardew Valley is excellent in indie gaming. This farming simulator reminds all of us to take a break from our worries and be more carefree. As you build your farm and your life in the valley, you’re reminded of why getting away from the major responsibilities of life is important at times.

Beyond just the story and relaxing qualities, Stardew also has adorable visuals and music that you’ll want to listen to even after you’ve called it for the day.

Stardew Valley is available on your phone, computer, and consoles.


This game is likely one of the best indie games to come out of the 2010s. While it may not look like much, there is a powerful story hidden in the game. Follow along with your character as they try to leave the Underground while making friends along the way. At least, that’s how pacifists will play. The choice to be nice or be mean is entirely up to you.

The controls are fairly simple and easy to follow. The soundtrack is amazing and each line of dialogue will have you laughing, smiling, or crying.

Undertale is available on PC, Mac, and consoles.


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Another masterpiece from the 2010s, Bastion follows the Kid as he navigates a post-Calamity world. The voice of the narrator is soothing and wonderful to hear as you travel along. The gameplay is simple and thoroughly enjoyable. Not only that, many fans love it for the art style. The world of Bastion is beautiful with each new area just as pretty as the last.

Explore the story as you decide whether or not disaster can be prevented while fighting off various monsters. Each moment leading up to your own choice on how to save everyone.

Bastion is available on PC, Mac, and consoles.


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One of the youngest games on the list, Hades is an excellent example of good art and fun combat. Play as the son of Hades as he tries to fight his way out of the Underworld occasionally assisted by other Olympians. Fans have quickly fallen for the intricate character designs and dungeon crawl combat.

It is by no means an easy game, but it is a fun and rewarding one for those who beat it. This indie game reminds gamers that some games don’t need to be made by big companies with millions of dollars. Sometimes, all you need is a good idea.

Hades is available on PC, Mac, and the Nintendo Switch.

Night in the Woods

This game is not as well known as some of the others on the list. A few prominent YouTube channels played it but not enough to really get it noticed. It’s a true diamond in the rough game, however, seeing as it is an excellent piece of media.

Follow Mae the cat as she struggles with being home in her small town after dropping out of college. The story and art have captivated those who love it and plenty more should see it. The story takes an odd turn for the better and keeps players wrapped up in the mystery. There is so much this game has to offer.

Night in the Woods is available on PC, Mac, and consoles.

Untitled Goose Game

Want to take a little break from the narrative-heavy games? This simple game is perfect for just that. Play as a goose and wreak havoc on a bunch of people as you complete your task list. Steal hats, bows, glasses, and other things as you honk your way through town.

This game is charming and funny, a perfect break between heavier games. Its simplicity and easy controls make it fun for anyone who picks it up.

Untitled Goose Game is available on PC, Mac, and consoles.


The youngest game on this list, Valheim has been an up-and-coming game since February 2021. Though it is still in its early release, fans have already started to love the game. Play as a slain Viking trying to reach Valhalla, the Viking afterlife. This sandbox game is perfect for those who love boss battles and trying to survive on their own.

Once fully released, Valheim is likely to pack some incredible gameplay for fans. No doubt there is even more in store once the game is finished.

Valheim is available on PC only.


The single most difficult game on the list. Cuphead is a monster of a game, making those who conquer it worthy of a badge of honor. It is rage-inducing and yet, a ton of fun all the same. This old-school cartoon-style game is meant to be difficult. The constant boss fights test the skills of today’s gamers.

Play as Cuphead as he tries to settle his deal with the devil. Play through three islands of boss fights with only a few platform levels. This game is not for the faint at heart!

Cuphead is available on PC, Mac, and consoles.

Hollow Knight

This beautifully animated game is also not too easy. Hollow Knight follows the story of one brave soldier as he sets out on a noble quest. He travels through the bug kingdom fighting off various enemies all while a gorgeous soundtrack plays in the background.

The game is not meant for easy gamers. There are plenty of difficult levels, but the journey players go on is absolutely worth every hour played.

Hollow Knight is available on Pc, Mac, and consoles.


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If you’re ever looking for a game meant to challenge not only your skills but also your emotions, Celeste is the perfect choice for you. This platformer takes old-school games and adds more challenges to them. Thankfully, any death is quick to reload so you can get back to jumping and moving up Celeste Mountain.

The best feature of this game is the story. Follow the main protagonist, Madeline, as she tries to conquer the mountain along with her many mental troubles. The journey you take with her is emotional and heartwarming.

Celeste is available on PC, Mac, consoles, and phones.