5 Themed Movie Nights for Your Next Night in With Friends.

Movie nights are always great ways to hang out and be with friends. They can be simple hangouts with a movie or more elaborate parties with snacks and drinks. Either way, a great way to add more to these movie nights is throwing ones with a special theme.

Hopefully, these 5 themed movie nights serve as some inspiration for your next night in with your friends. And as always, remember to be safe while the pandemic is still going.


You can’t leave a Disney movie night out, it’s a top choice for many. Make a list of everyone’s favorites and have them dress as their favorite characters. Check out some online recipes for Disney-inspired snacks and drinks to serve up. There’s even the parks churro and Dole Whip recipe available!

Take advantage of all the options Disney+ has and do other themed Disney nights. Watch Pixar, Marvel, or Star Wars all on separate occasions. There’s truly no limit to your imagination here!


Want to have a little fun and party like you used to? A full glam movie night is perfect for you! Tell your friends to dress up full glam; hair and makeup included. Go for a black-tie like the Oscars and watch some of the Best Pictures, or go old school glam and watch Great Gatsby type movies!

Make your glam night full of sparkle and delight for you and your friends. Serve up some champagne for that extra bit of fun!


Feeling a little lazy for the night? Want to be comfy? Then a pajama-themed movie night is a perfect solution. Have your friends give you their comfort movies and tell them to show up in their fuzziest pj’s. Pop lots of popcorn and keep the sodas cold, this theme is all about comfort and classic movie night vibes.

Animated movies and comedies are the perfect companions to this themed night. Let your friends feel like kids at a sleepover again and enjoy the fun!


For the horror fans out there, a night of spooks and thrills is perfect for you. Pull up the best of the best scares and have your friends get ready to scream their heads off. Use some Halloween inspiration to make the best horror-themed snacks and drinks to serve. Dress up as your favorite character or even as a background character from your favorite movies.

Play some games with this one and mess around with friends. Take your guesses, who would die first in a real scary movie situation?


This one is for the nerds, of course. A fantasy night filled with the likes of The Lord of the Rings and more is always a great theme. Dress up as your favorite characters and enjoy the feel of long dresses or cool cloaks. These movies, however, can be long so be ready with a feast fit for everyone. And don’t forget the beer!

Play more games here by creating your own houses and kingdoms to rule over for fun. Feel like the knight, king, queen, or whoever you want to be during this long night of fantasy!

Whatever you choose, there’s no going wrong with any of these 5 themes. Make it subtle or go all out! Either way, you’re still in for a good night with good friends.