Top 5 Movies for Students to Relax After School

After school, what is the best activity to enable you to relax? Watching movies can be a great thing to do after a whole day in school. But it would help if you didn’t watch any movies. You require films that educate and motivate you.

Such movies will enable you to learn life skills that you don’t learn in school. But which are these movies? Today you will get to know five of the best movies for students.

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These movies include;

The Great Debaters

You are familiar with Denzel Washington as a top motivational speaker. He is the main character in this movie. Also, Denzel is the director of this biographical drama film. So, why should you watch this film?

The great debaters feature Melvin B. Tolson, a debating coach at Wiley College. Melvin inspires black students at the college to form the first debating team. This debating team goes ahead to participate in the debating championships against Harvard at the national debating championships.

Freedom Writers

This movie is based on a true story and was adopted from the book ‘The Freedom Writers Diary.’ Erin Gruwell and her students wrote this book.

In the film, Hilary Swank acts like Erin Gruwell and is a teacher at Woodrow Wilson high school. Her duty was to teach at-risk students or learners who require additional studies to excel academically.

Erin instills tolerance, how to apply to themselves, and get to study more after high school. At the time, she was joining the school. There was racial tension, and the institution was performing dismally.

The Intern

Ben Whittaker is a 70-year-old widower and features in this film as an intern in an online fashion site. Before that, Ben was working for DEX One. The retirement period was dull, and when a senior intern position was advertised, he applied for the job.

At the online fashion website, Ben and CEO Jules Ostin become friends. Additionally, Whittaker forms a good rapport with other workers too.

3 Idiots

It is a comedy-drama movie that also educates and motivates students. The release of three idiots was in 2009 and became a global hit due to the humor of Farhan, Raju, and Rancho.

They are students at the Imperial College of Engineering. Farhan and Raju are not passionate about studying engineering but join the college due to family requirements. Farhan loves wildlife photography while Raju joins in, enabling him to get his family from poverty.

Rancho was passionate about engineering but is not on good terms with ‘Virus’ Viru Sahastrabuddhe. Viru is the ICE director.

This movie will teach you to go for excellence, not success. Additionally, you need to apply the concepts you learn in school. Another lesson from this film is to be passionate about what you are doing and not let others determine what you are doing.

The Social Network

Are you a computer science or information technology student? Then watching this film will be beneficial to you.

The social network creation was from ‘The Accidental Billionaires,’ a book that shows how Facebook was created and the law issues.

Jesse Eisenberg acts as Mark Zuckerberg. While Mark was a student at Harvard, he hacks the university’s database and takes images of female students. He later posts them on Facemash, a campus website.

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Wrap Up

Concentrating too much in school is not cool. You need to watch educational and motivational movies that help you relax after school. By watching these movies, you get to increase the performance of your memory, help you understand more, and inspire you to study. Thank you for reading.

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