Oscars 2021: The Snubbed List

Every year the Oscars highlight the biggest movies of the previous year. Sadly, not everyone can be honored in the nominations from the Academy. Some of these movies and the people involved in them are often dubbed the “snubbed” of the year.

The 2021 Oscars are no different. Between the many movies, actors, actresses, and more that were nominated for awards, plenty more were snubbed.

As the ceremony draws closer, online chatter has pointed out that certain movies and people deserved to be nominated. Check out this breakdown of the snubbed list for the 2021 Oscars.

Best Picture Snubs

Despite having multiple other nominations for Best Actor and Actress, many feel that Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom also deserved a shot at Best Picture. Another movie believed to be snubbed by the Best Picture category is One Night in Miami. What’s interesting about these two is that both are actually based on plays.

It’s almost as if the Oscars chose to gatekeep their movies and only really award the ones that were “true movies”. At the same time, they are still willing to award nominations to the actors in these adapted plays anyways.

Best Director Snubs

One particular movie given plenty of nominations is The Trial of the Chicago 7, but director Aaron Sorkin was not honored with a nomination. His work making a legal trial a cinematic movie should have been awarded a nod for it.

Many have attributed the fact that Sorkin is more of a TV director and not a movie director. The Academy often has preferred those who have a record of feature films over a television record.

While a nomination would have been good to add to his record, many know that he is not likely to win. Instead, the award will likely be given to Chloé Zhao for Nomadland.

Another director snubbed by the Academy was Regina King for her debut One Night in Miami. Once again, the film based on a play was not given yet another nod. King could not make it into the top 5 directors for the awards. Hopefully, her movie gets one of the other awards it was nominated for.

No Nominations at All

Not every movie can make it to the nominations, but some movies didn’t get any at all. People have pointed out that Tom Hanks and News of the World should have gotten a few nods from the Academy.

Another complete snub from the Academy is Spike Lee’s latest project, Da 5 Bloods. This reflection of the Vietnam war with four black veterans has received positive reviews from critics. Some believe that after Lee’s success with BlackKklansman this follow-up should have been given a few nominations.

At the very least, Delroy Lindo should have been given the Best Actor nod. It would have been the actor’s first Best Actor nomination ever.

At the end of the day, there is room for only so many nominations in the Oscars. The Academy is accredited with having to make the “difficult” decision of who gets what. Some may see this year’s nominees as the best of the best, but others may argue differently.

No matter what, the snubs of this list deserve some recognition. If not from the Academy then at least from viewers.

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