6 Celebrities Who Believe They’re Psychic

You’ve heard of ‘The Hollywood Medium’, Tyler Henry, and his east coast rival ‘The Long Island Medium’, Theresa Caputo. But what if I told you your favorite pop star or television personality could also speak to the dead? It’s more likely than you think! Let’s take a look at the very real and not at all fabricated stories of these six celebs.

Khloé Kardashian

When celebrity clairvoyant Tyler Henry appeared on Keeping Up With the Kardashians in 2015, Khloé revealed he wasn’t the only one in the room with a sixth sense. The reality star explained, “I don’t think I could like read [my sister’s] palm but I have a very great intuition and I feel energies and spirits really well.” She continued, “I’m not saying ‘Oh my God there’s a ghost in the corner!’ But I know when I feel something and I pay that respect.” Tyler later remarked that out of the three sisters, Khloé and Kourtney have the strongest intuitions.

Kate Hudson and Goldie Hawn

Kate appeared on Alan Carr’s Chatty Man Show back in September 2014 and shared that she and her mom Goldie Hawn “can see dead people.” She said, “It is not really seeing, it is feeling a spirit. A fifth energy. I believe in energy. I believe our brains can manifest into visual things.” The actress also revealed she once saw a “ghost of a woman with no face.”

Miley Cyrus

In 2013, the singer spoke of a little boy who haunted her London apartment. She told Elle U.K., “he was sitting on the sink watching me take a shower so I felt really freaked out. I was sitting there the next night and maybe I’m crazy, but I could have sworn I could see this little boy sitting there on the sink, kicking his feet.” After conducting a little research, she discovered the apartment had once been a bakery run by a widowed father and his young son. Miley immediately moved out and checked herself into the Soho Hotel. If only the Torrance family could’ve been as lucky.


The Jersey Shore star began the journey of opening her third eye six years ago. After her deceased sister appeared in her dreams, Snooki (aka Nicole Polizzi) sought the help of spiritual medium Gina Marie to “confirm she wasn’t crazy” and to develop her intuition, which she felt was already quite strong. If you’re interested in sharpening your own third eye, subscribe to Nicole’s YouTube channel for more spiritual advice and, might I add, style inspo. Already googling where to find the shirt from her video above.

Kelly Osbourne

During Season One of Celebrity Ghost Stories, Kelly was shocked when psychic host Kim Russo brought up the “potent” rituals she’d once been a part of. “The Happy Medium” then revealed that Kelly’s energy felt strikingly similar to that of her students and offered to test her abilities. She handed Kelly the ring her mom had worn when she passed and, almost immediately, the British TV star felt compelled to speak the words “mother” and “black hair”.

All I have to say is… it hurts to see someone else living your dream.

Megan Fox

She really does have it all.

Recalling a memory from her time on the set of Jennifer’s Body, the 35-year-old actress told Variety, “You’re not supposed to say this about yourself, but I’m really psychic.” She went on to describe the spooky events leading up to a particular shot in which she swam across a lake, practically nude.

Due to the success of her role in Transformers, Megan was constantly dodging paparrazi, even on set. So, before filming the vulnerable scene, her crew swept the surrounding area for photographers, eventually giving Megan the go ahead. But thanks to her abnormally strong intuition, the actress recognized something was off right away: “I looked exactly in the direction where I could feel the energy and the focus of a stare, of a lens, of a something, coming from across the lake and I was like ‘there’s someone over there.’” Despite her aprehensions, she went ahead with the scene only to recieve a call from her agent with the dreaded news soon after.