The 7 Graduation Gifts For The Class of 2021

May 2021 is just around the corner and with that comes a fresh class of college graduates. With these ceremonies comes the great tradition of giving gifts to help them get started in the working world.

There are lots of great options to choose from! If you or someone you know is graduating soon, check out this list for ideas on what to get for a graduation gift!

Laptop Fund

If you’re not 100% sure of what to get, consider contributing some money to the graduate so they can get a new laptop. It’s likely their old one has begun to tire out from the years of essays and assignments. Help them get that shiny new laptop that they can use at their first big kid job!

There are tons of fun cards, cakes, and more that can make giving better than just an envelope with cash inside.

Nintendo Switch

This may seem like an odd choice but consider a few things about the benefits of owning a switch. Some graduates may face a commute to work on a train or bus each day and may want some mindless entertainment. Others may have to travel.

But the main reason graduates should have a Nintendo switch, or any gaming console for that matter, is because they will suddenly have more time on their hands. Doing work outside of the office won’t happen anymore, and they can do whatever they want once their home for the day. A switch is a perfect way to unwind from the workday.

Wireless Earbuds

Another essential for commuting and even when working on solo projects at work. Wireless earbuds are a great gift to help any graduating student for lots of reasons. Grab Apple earbuds for those with iPhones for seamless pairing, don’t forget a nice little case to keep them safe and stylish. For those with Androids, Samsung and others have tons of great options for comfortable listening.

Check out Amazon, Best Buy, Target, and other tech companies for great options.

Professional Bag

It’s time for the students to upgrade from their backpack to a new professional bag that is equipped for a job. Even if you switch out their backpack for a new one, make sure it’s a professional one designed to carry a laptop, papers, lunch, pens, and anything they may need.

Other options include Longchamp bags, their totes are spacious and stylish. Choose the student’s favorite color and have fun with completing their professional look!


Nothing says professional like a proper planner. Help the graduates keep track of projects, deadlines, and anything else they need with a planner. Make sure it’s a full calendar year with lots of space for notes and additional write-ups to keep them organized.

Use their style to create a professional aesthetic for the student. It’s a great gift to get them started for their first office job.


Coffee, tea, or any other caffeinated drink is going to be essential to their lives. A coffeemaker, tea kettle, or any sort of drink maker is a great gift for a graduating student.

Keurigs are a great option for versatility to make all sorts of hot drinks and even cold ones with highly advanced machines. Have fun with the colors and set-ups for the best options for a great gift.

Meal Box Subscription

Help those graduating students ween off bad dining hall food with a meal box subscription. Especially for those starting out at their own homes/apartments, these meal boxes can be a great way to learn how to cook and enjoy great meals.

Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, and others are great options to get graduating students started in their lives beyond college.

For the class of 2021, there are so many great options for presents to help get them started in the working world. Hopefully, these ideas help out the graduating student in your life.