10 Ways to Decorate Your Graduation Cap

Graduation is a grand time to celebrate the last four years of college. Many students this year are getting small in-person graduation for the first time after the pandemic began.

Now, many have thought about the tradition of decorating their caps to celebrate the hard work they have finally finished. If you’re one of these graduates looking for inspiration, this list may help inspire you to decorate your cap!

Signature Cap


One student’s brilliant idea has now turned into inspiration for dozens of others. This cap incorporates friends and even family by having a section dedicated to being signed by those who helped the student out. One side says “All because of you…” or any variation of thanks, and the other is the signatures of important people to the student.

This idea is meant to be more than just a cap, it’s a keepsake with the names and messages from those who have had a major impact in their college life.

Childhood Inspired


Take a moment, movie, book, or anything really from childhood and use it in this cap inspiration. Things from childhood often inspire students throughout life. At their college graduation, they can pay homage to that in their cap however they want.

Make it extra fancy with flowers or glitter, there’s really no limit to what you can put on there with your childhood choice!

Favorite Book Quote


Did you read a really interesting book in college that has inspired you? Take a quote from it and make the centerpiece of your cap! Keep it simple with the letters cut out and easy to read, or go all out with a fancy script.

Use whatever book you’d like to inspire this cap design. From fantasy to drama, to even nonfiction. There are no wrong answers here!

Disney Inspired


For those who don’t really want to grow up and have always loved Disney, this cap is perfect for you! There are dozens of Disney movie-inspired caps all over DIY sites and social media. Plenty of students have taken their favorite movies or characters to be the focus of their cap.

Play around with a movie character and quote to pull it all together. Make sure to snap a great picture with it after the ceremony too!



This cap is for those who have a good sense of humor and want to have a little fun. A good meme about college, especially life after college can be a great way to decorate your cap!

A lot of students with a good sense of humor have made appropriate caps using memes. Often they use a variation of “What’s Next?” and the like to have fun with the anxiety of entering the working world.

Famous Quote


You can never go wrong with a famous quote that has inspired parts of your life or at least helped you get through college. Have fun dressing it up with fancy letters and decorations!

Whoever you decide to use; a celebrity, writer, humanitarian, or others, there’s nothing like an inspiring quote to remind you why you persevered those four years.

Simple Flowers


If you don’t want to do too much to your cap, just go with a few flowers to add a little something extra to it! Make your own from paper or grab some from the crafts store. Be creative with it! Grab some in your school’s colors for extra fun and arrange them however you want!

While real flowers may be beautiful, it’s better to leave them for the bouquets after the ceremony.

Class of 2021


A classic choice for decorating your cap is going with “Class of 2021”. Use your imagination and creativity to make it more than just the “class of”. Celebrate the fact that you made it through a tough four years with the rest of your classmates. It’s a timeless cap decoration perfect for graduation.

Add in your school’s colors and the mascot even for a truly school-spirited look!

Your Hero


For some students, there has been a person who has inspired them to carry on in college. One way to give thanks to those who motivated a student is to feature them on their cap. Thanking your parents, a mentor, or anyone else that pushed you through the past four years is a great way to show your appreciation for them.

Some have even honored those they have lost in the past, hoping that they can see the caps from up above.

Pandemic Related


The class of 2021 is unique since they had to finish their college careers in the midst of a global pandemic. There’s no reason why a student can’t have some fun with that and make a pandemic-related graduation cap.

Go funny or serious, either way, it is a unique idea for a cap. It wouldn’t be too surprising to see a cap or two referencing a vaccine helping them get to graduation.

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