5 Perfect Styles For Your Graduation Look

Looking for some inspiration for your graduation outfit this year? The class of 2021 is unique in that many are getting in-person graduation for the first time in a year. For many, this means finding the perfect outfit for under that cap and gown!

These 5 style inspirations are perfect to help you get started in finding your graduation look!

Classic White Dress

You can never go wrong with a class white dress for graduation. This classy and sophisticated choice is a traditional one for many graduates. Have fun picking out different cuts, necklines, and other unique qualities of the dress.

Target and other budget-friendly retailers will for sure have a handful of options for those who want white. If you’re looking to splurge in variety and quality, higher-end is the way to go!

Off the Shoulder

Lots of stylish dresses have featured an off-the-shoulder neckline lately. It’s a flattering look and can be perfect for those post-ceremony pictures. There are a variety of patterns and features to choose from. Opt for something simple if you want the focus to be on the cap and gown over the dress.

Many retailers will have this dress as a spring staple. Online stores are also a great resource for off-the-shoulder options, especially for those confident they know their size online.

Wrap Dress

Nothing says fashionable graduate like a beautiful wrap dress. These dresses feature big bows tied to the front and a dress that perfectly wraps around your body. While some may seem too professional, other clothing retailers have made the wrap dress with soft prints and patterns to make it fun and trendy!

These dresses are a great option under a graduation gown since they can be short and breezy. Many retailers aimed at selling to college students have plenty of wrap dresses for those interested!


If you want to be fun and unique at graduation, then a jumpsuit might just be the perfect thing for you! There are dozens of different styles and a wide range of colors perfect for suiting anyone who wants to give it a try!

The great thing about jumpsuits is how flattering they can be on every body type. Plus, they’re comfortable and flowy giving you that flawless look. If you have a colored gown go for a black jumpsuit, those with a black gown should go for a bright color to stand out!

Complement School Colors

For those with a ton of school spirit, an outfit matching your gown and school colors is a great choice. This option makes your graduation outfit really pop with the rest of the ceremony. Throw in a few accessories that tie all the colors together for a well-put-together look!

Perfect coordinated colors are; black gown and red, red gown and black, white gown and any bright color, and so many more!

With any of these options, there will always be both budget-friendly and high-end choices. For those who want to save; Target, Amazon, and other common retailers are the best choice. For those willing to spend a little more; Nordstrom, Macy’s, and other bigger brands are your go-to.

At the end of the day, no matter what style you go with, your graduation look will be amazing because it’s yours! Congratulations grad!