Does Medical Marijuana Have Health Benefits?

Are you on the fence about using medical marijuana because you are unsure whether it will actually be beneficial to you? Are you stuck in the mind-set that marijuana is all bad and have no benefits?

There are so many misconceptions and myths about marijuana, especially since it has been an illegal substance for such a long time. One of the most common and popularly believed misconceptions or myths being that it is dangers and has no health benefits. In reality, there have been a number of studies which show that medical marijuana can treat or even just alleviate symptoms of a variety of disorders, diseases, and conditions, from epilepsy to cancer. 

Because marijuana has been illegal for so long, there are many negative conceptions about it. The stigma is slowly falling though and now people are realising just how beneficial the herb can be. If you want to know more about these benefits, here are a few. 

What is medical marijuana and how does it treat pain?

Essentially, there is no difference between recreational marijuana and medical marijuana. It is the same thing just labelled differently. Medical marijuana is literally just marijuana that can only be purchased legally by a registered dispensary if you have a card or a license to buy it that has been given to you by your doctor. The difference between medical marijuana and recreational marijuana comes in the legality of it all. In a lot of places around the world, recreational use of marijuana is still illegal and you cannot just purchase it legally from any vendor. The good news is that most places around the world have now legalised the use of medical marijuana, which means dry herb vaporizers can be bought almost anywhere, at physical stores or online vendors, such as given that you have a card or license which allows you to purchase it from a registered dispensary. 

Marijuana has been used for medicinal purposes all over the world for an incredibly long time. One of the most prominent factors of marijuana being used medicinally is that it is said to treat pain. This works just like painkiller work by compound attaching themselves to pain receptors and dulling the pain one might be experience. It is important to note that it is not a permanent solution. 

What other conditions does it treat?

Not only is marijuana said to treat pain and be a great alternative to modern painkillers, but it is also said to have so many more benefits, and even treat other conditions or at least the symptoms of them. One of the most common used of marijuana medicinally is to also treat inflammation. This goes hand in hand with treating pain. 

Other more serious conditions that marijuana is used to treat are the symptoms of cancer, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, and epilepsy just to name a few. Although it is clearly stated that marijuana is not a cure for these diseases, though research it has become clear that it is a very effective way to treat the symptoms of these diseases and to help relieve and if the discomfort these patients may be experiencing. 

Other benefits of medical marijuana

By far the most popular use of medical marijuana is to help those who suffer with severe anxiety, depression, and PTSD. There are so many benefits that people who suffer with their condition can gain from making use of medical marijuana but overall they can just have a better quality of life. Marijuana can help those with insomnia fall asleep, can ease the symptoms of anxiety and make people calmer and be more present in the moment, and just ease the users state of mind, allowing them to relax a bit more. 

Are there any side effects?

If you are using marijuana as a whole there come the obvious side effects of feeling the euphoric high that comes from the THC compound in the plant, however if you are just going to that CBD you can completely avoid this kind of high and you will only receive the medicinal benefits of the plant. 

Other side effects can include drowsiness, and if smoking a traditional joint, potentially even lung damage from smoke inhalation. Lastly, marijuana is an addictive substance, so if you have an addictive personality, it may be best to stay away.