5 Pieces to Start Your Professional Wardrobe

For the graduating class of 2021, starting a professional career even in a pandemic can be difficult. Many of them do not know where to start, especially when it comes to clothing. What do they need to make sure they have a professional look?

There are 5 essentials that can help build your foundation for a professional wardrobe. Pool together a variety of colors and patterns to have some versatility in your wardrobe!

Simple Blouse


This is a bit of an obvious choice but really a good blouse is the perfect starting piece to your professional closet. Pick a simple style shirt that is comfortable and flattering. Your best choice is to go with a simple short sleeve shirt that is fitted enough to be tucked in and worn out.

Grab a handful of the shirt in a variety of colors to create options for yourself. A simple blouse is the perfect starting point, especially with many jobs still on zoom, you’ll want to look good from the waist up!



A good blazer helps you feel put together and stylish in the office. Investing in one or two nice ones is a perfect way to get started on your professional look. Don’t want to spend too much? Target and Nordstrom Rack have great deals on good-looking blazers that are perfect. Or go thrift shopping! There are always professional finds there too.

Be sure to try on a blazer before buying, you’ll want it fitting perfectly. Don’t let it bunch up your shoulders too much or be too loose overall, the perfect fit makes it the perfect complement to any professional outfit!

Wide Leg Pants


Professionals everywhere have boasted about the stylish option wide-leg pants offer outfits. They come in a variety of styles and colors to make it a foundational piece to a professional wardrobe. Try paper bag pants for a cinched waist look with a nice tie, or drawstring wide-legs for a comfortable yet stylish look.

Lots of clothing stores have these pants in a variety of colors and patterns, opt for some basics and see how you like the fit and comfort before expanding that collection.

Slim Leg Pants


It only makes sense that following wide-leg pants would be slim-leg pants. They are the perfect complement to the wide ones. For these you’ll want to have many options in a variety of colors; black, blue, brown, white, and any fun colors! Mix and match these with the basic blouse for an easy professional look.

Target and Amazon have a wide range of options in all sorts of sizes and colors. Their prices are also very budget-friendly for those looking to save. Another good option is snooping for sales at higher-end places to score good deals on good clothes.

Nude Shoes


Probably the most important item in any professional wardrobe is a nude shoe. These simple yet classic shoes are the perfect addition to any outfit worn around the office. Be sure to try and snag a pair of heels and flats for the right occasion. There are lots of styles to choose from that can suit your personal preference from pointed toes to rounded toes and everything in between.

If you want to splurge a little for nicer-looking shoes, scope out sales from Macy’s and Nordstroms for great deals on good shoes! There are also plenty of online stores and small businesses expanding the “nude” shade range for anyone who doesn’t fit the standard nude in most retail stores.

Building a professional wardrobe can seem challenging to those who don’t know where to start. For those about to graduate college and enter the professional world, these 5 items can help them start to build that closet for years of office work to come!

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