5 Ways to Celebrate the End of College

For the class of 2021, being a senior in college has been quite the ride. Now with the end of the year approaching for some, there are many who want to celebrate the end of a long academic career. Unfortunately, with the COVID-19 pandemic still affecting daily life, some senior events usually thrown by colleges are not happening.

Luckily for those who don’t get these activities, there are alternate ways to celebrate with close friends while still being safe! Check out these five ways to celebrate being a senior and the end of a long road.

Fancy Dinner

More and more restaurants have opened their dining rooms for people to sit and enjoy delicious food. For many graduating from college, these places are perfect for celebrating the end of college. Enjoy getting dressed up and looking you’re absolute best for the night.

Check out some higher-end local spots in your area to splurge on a night out with either friends or family. The night is all about you and what you’ve accomplished over the last four years!

Formal Party

Many colleges used to host a traditional senior formal where the graduating class could dress up and enjoy a night of dancing and fun. Sadly, these sort of gatherings may not be happening due to the size of them. However, you can host one for yourself! Gather up a few friends and your best outfit to make the night your own!

Make some food or get it delivered while you dance the night away to great music. Just be sure to stay within your school’s COVID guidelines to ensure you’re being as safe as possible.

Photo Shoot

You can never have too many photos from college. A great way to celebrate the end of college is with a photoshoot. Grab some cute outfits and some friends, head to your favorite part of campus to make it the best looking photos possible!

Add your cap and gown in the mix for the perfect graduation photos. There are endless photos to take anywhere you want on campus, and they’ll be the perfect keepsakes for later.

Tea Party

You’re never too old for this sort of party. Grab your pastel pieces, skirts, and other frilly things for the perfect look. Make some cookies and tiny sandwiches and spread out under the sun with some refreshing tea. Want a great keepsake? Thrift stores have teacups perfect for this kind of party that you and your friends can take home. Mix and match the cups so no two are alike!

A tea party is a great way to celebrate the end of your college career. It’s a fun, light-hearted event meant to release any stressful feelings about graduation and beyond.

Mini Vacation

Try not to stray too far so close to the last day, but take advantage of the end and take a break! There are plenty of ways to have a mini-vacation just before graduation. Take the weekend to go somewhere you’ve always wanted to in your local area. Rent an Air BnB for a night or two as a nice getaway.

Be sure to follow COVID guidelines and stay safe wherever you go. But remember to still have fun!