3 Unique Ways to Save College Memories

College is a time of great memories and when those years are over many will want to preserve those memories. The main item students want to keep is their many photos taken over days and days of college. Whether it is a funny picture from a night out or a posed picture from a special day, photos from college are a great memory to keep forever.

There are many ways to hang on to your photos from college; from physical albums to online ones, to prints and memory boards to hang in a new living space. Check out these 3 unique ways to save your college memories.

Online Photo Album


Online cloud storage is a great way to save photos and not take up too much storage at the same time. An additional perk to this method is being able to share it with all of your friends. Share access to the album with everyone in your group so they can share their photos of everyone else.

You never know what kind of fun and cool photos may turn up from so many sources! There are lots of services out there to help create a shared photo album online. Google has a free service with a decent amount of storage and is the best option out there for most college students.

Polaroid Album


Technology today has made things of the past more advanced, this includes polaroid pictures. New polaroid cameras can take pictures and print them within minutes. Other developments have created printers capable of printing polaroid versions of any picture on a phone’s camera roll. There are even some that turn the polaroids into stickers!

Take advantage of this technology and grab one for yourself! Amazon and other retailers have albums perfect for holding polaroids and printouts. Or put them in your phone case, wallet, and other little spots to always have certain memories on hand. Have fun filling one out with lots of memories of the years gone by.



After graduation, many students may find themselves moving to a new living space right away. Others may settle in eventually. Either way, a new living space will need plenty to decorate it. Pictures from college can be a great way to add a personal touch to any new living space. There are loads of online services perfect for printing out photos saved in camera rolls.

A fun way to have one special spot for college memories is with a corkboard! Pin your favorite photos in any way you want and add extra decorations or similar to the board. Match the aesthetic of your living space with the photos and decorations on the board. The possibilities are endless, though, and any sort of board will look great.

The photos from college are great memories worth keeping long after graduation. There are many fun and unique ways to hang onto them, it all depends on you. These 3 options are just some of the many ways to hang on to photos from college to always remind you of those four years.

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