5 Places to Visit After Graduation

After college graduation, many students will want to celebrate by traveling to new places as a reward for their hard work. For the class of 2021, traveling is coming back slowly as more people are vaccinated and following COVID guidelines.

With that in mind, as more and more places allow visitors, here are 5 places to try and visit as a reward for graduating. Keep in mind, however, to follow COVID guidelines no matter what!

Disney World/Land

Of course one of the first places many think of when thinking of a vacation is Disney World and Disneyland. It’s hard not to want to go to the “Happiest Place on Earth” as a reward for surviving college. For many, however, they will have to settle with Florida for now. Disneyland is currently only allowing California residents into the parks.

For those who do end up at Disney, enjoy the good times in the Florida sun. Think about getting some graduation ears to wear to really show off what you’ve achieved! Not a big fan of the ears? Disney also has buttons that say “Just Graduated” to wear instead. No matter what, if Disney is your vacation spot post-graduation, enjoy the magic!

Tropical Island

What could be better than a tropical getaway for recent college graduates? Some islands are allowing a fair amount of visitors especially as the summer tourist season is approaching. Take advantage of these opportunities to visit a beautiful paradise!

Soak up the sun on the beaches of Aruba, Hawaii, and more. Sip on an ice-cold drink in a resort pool to wind down from all of the stress colleges had piled up. You deserve it after all! Just be sure to pay attention to local guidelines for COVID, you can still have fun while staying safe!

The Beach

If you still want all the fun in the sun without leaving the mainland US, then the beaches are the perfect place to go! Grab some umbrellas, soft towels, and your favorite bathing suit to hit the sand. The beach can be a great place to relax and enjoy a minute to yourself after such a great achievement.

The best way to enjoy the beaches is to go to those closest to you. If you’re closer to the East Coast, head to the Jersey Shore or Florida coast for the sun and sand. If you’re closer to the West Coast, head to Southern California for the beaches.

National Park

For the graduating students who love nature, visiting a national park as your post-grad vacation is a great option! There are dozens of parks all across the US that anyone can go see. Pack up lots of snacks and gear and make a camping trip out of it if that’s your style. Enjoy the fresh air and nature surrounding you.

Be sure to do your research before picking a national park to see what sort of COVID guidelines you’ll have to follow. Stay safe and have fun with this vacation idea!

Foreign Country

This vacation idea is for those willing to wait a little longer to travel outside of the US. Many countries are allowing people but the safer option here is to wait until the pandemic has calmed down significantly more. When that has happened, a great way to celebrate graduating is to go visit a new country you’ve never been to before!

If interested in this idea, you can start planning where to go and what to see. There are plenty of places to visit and have fun seeing new places!

For the class of 2021, celebrating your college graduation is incredibly important. There are plenty of ways to celebrate, consider these options to visit somewhere as a way to say “Congrats Grad!”.