5 Ways to Stay in Touch With Friends After College

For many college students, their four years in school create lasting friendships that go beyond their final days at college. With the class of 2021’s final year coming to a close, they may want to stay in touch with many of their friends after graduation.

If you and your friends are interested in keeping in touch after graduation, check out these 5 ways to stay in touch!

Annual Get-Togethers


Once you and your friends are settled into your post-grad life, think about having an annual get-together with everyone to keep in touch with each other. Pick a new location to go to each year to explore new places with your friends. Or you can simply host each other at different houses to make it easier for everyone.

Wherever you may go with friends, an annual get-together is a great way to see your friends after graduation and stay close to each other.

Zoom Nights


The pandemic has given people lots of great new tools to keep in touch with each other. If you want to stay in touch with your college friends, consider hosting Zoom nights to get everyone together. The best part of this method is no matter where everyone goes after graduation, they all can meet in the same spot online.

Have fun doing different types of Zoom nights from cocktails to trivia and even a formal party! The possibilities are endless and are up to you and your friends!

Group Chats


The easiest way to keep in touch with college friends after graduation is of course a group chat. This way, everyone can stay in touch with the lives of everyone else. Come up with creative names to make it fun and personal to your group. If everyone has an iPhone, enjoy the many features of group chats over iMessage. If not, consider certain apps compatible with all kinds of phones to keep everyone connected.

Enjoy staying connected with everyone and having fun chatting with your friends!

Exclusive Social Media


One of the great features of social media is being able to create stories and posts only your friends can see. If you’re looking into staying in touch with college friends, then consider creating social media spots only they can see and post to. This way, you all can see each other’s lives and chat with each other whenever you want to.

There are many options for this feature. Consider Snapchat group chats and private stories only you and your friends can share to. Instagram also has other options for private stories and stories for close friends. The choice is up to you and your friends for how you all want to stay connected!

Sending Letters/Packages


Who’s says you can’t send letters like pen pals? Another fun way to stay in touch with your college friends is to collect their addresses and send them letters or packages for fun! Send pictures, notes, and other trinkets to stay connected with each other no matter where you all end up.

Be sure to stay updated with your friends as everyone settles into their lives post-graduation. Some may move to new places and will need new addresses!

For the class of 2021, staying in touch with our college friends is all about staying connected in any way you want to. There are tons of options from technology to simple letters. It’s all up to you and your friends, enjoy keeping your friends around for as long as you’d like.

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