Social media: what is organic marketing? 

Are you looking to drop traditional marketing and take on social media marketing for your business instead but aren’t sure how to do this effectively? Have you thought about trying to grow your social media account by buying followers but that doesn’t seem to help your success at all?

Many brands these days have moved to organic marketing on social media, and have slowly started to move away from more traditional marketing as it becomes more and more irrelevant. These days it is essential for businesses to make use of social media as a part of their marketing strategy in order to be successful. This is because we are now moving to a digital age where everything seems to be happening online and on mobile devices. 

It is so important for brands to have a social media presence in order to be successful. Organic marketing on social media seems to be the way the businesses are going. If you are a brand that isn’t aware of this, then here is a brief guide with the basics that you need to know

What is organic marketing?

As mentioned earlier, many businesses and brands are starting to move more in the direction of organic marketing instead of traditional marketing, but many people don’t actually know what organic marketing is. By definition, organic marketing is any kind of marketing to the public that a business or brand don’t spend any money on in order to push to the public. the fact alone that social media platforms are free to use makes it that much easier for business to make use of organic marketing. 

Brands are starting to make use of organic marketing more and mor because they are discovering that they tend to be getting more out of with without having to spend any more. This means that this budget goes somewhere else. It also means that you are sure that the people following you are there because they want to. It doesn’t have to be completely free, and there are a few services that you can use to help you grow your account organically. 

What is paid marketing

Although social media, for the most part, is completely free, some platforms offer businesses that opportunity to pay form some advertising on their various sites in order for their content to be pushed to more people who may not necessarily follow you. This is basically like traditional marketing but on social media instead. 

More and more brands are slowly moving away form this kind of marketing as they discover that it doesn’t have too many benefits to offer them and only works for a short amount of time before it starts becoming a bit too expensive. Often times, businesses will use this kind of marketing in conjunction with organic marketing. This means that they will create content, but also use a variety of growth services, such as: Twesocial for Twitter, TokUpgrade for TikTok, and Growthoid or TaskAnt for Instagram. There are many other services available, such as these, which will either take over your account to engage with people on your behalf, or provide the best hashtags to use with each post. When this is combined with create content, there is a dramatic increase in followers and engagement. 

Benefits of organic marketing?

By far one of the biggest benefits of making use of organic marketing is that it is a lot cheaper than any kind of paid marketing, even if your make use of the various different services to help you. Above and beyond organic marketing being incredibly affordable or even completely free, there are other benefits. These include growing a customer base that is more likely to trust you and be loyal to your brand, as well as build authority and confidence in your brand. On top of this, organic marketing is also a great way to create good quality content that is genuinely intended to help users.

How to use organic marketing

Now that you know exactly what organic marketing is, the next step is learning how to implement it into your marketing strategy. When it comes to organic marketing there are a variety of tools that you should make use of that will benefit you greatly such as hashtags which allow you to reach a much larger targeted audience or even making use of influencers and their audience by asking them to review your products. 

Another great way to use organic marketing is by having a look at your analytics and seeing what kind of content it is that your users like best and what they engage with the most. This will allow you to cater content directly towards them as well as post it all at a time that they are most likely to see it. 

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