The Top 8 Places to Visit Summer 2021

Summer 2021 will be full of people returning to their favorite places as were and more places re- open. Of course, it will still be limited capacity but there will be more options for people as they became fully vaccinated.

Some places will finally see their regular crowds as the summer season brings people again. If you’re thinking about where to go this summer, consider these 8 places to visit.

The Beaches


There’s nothing better than spending some time in the sand under the summer sun. Going back to the beach can be a great activity for you and your friends. Take the opportunity to start your summer tan laid out near the beautiful water. Consider looking into some new hobbies like surfing to ensure a return trip to the beach!

Plus it’s a great chance to try out a new swimsuit or style you’ve always wanted to!



Festivals and similar events are finally coming back to major urban areas of the US. This summer will be the perfect opportunity to take advantage of these festivals. Renaissance fairs and county this have been approved to be held in different states. Some restrictions still apply, but something is better than nothing!

Check out online resources to stay up to date for more festivals in your local area! They’re great supporters of cities and the people there.



After a long wait and many delays, concerts are finally back! They will be a little different due to Covid restrictions, but they will still be incredibly fun! From small touring bands to larger festivals with multiple artists, there will be many opportunities to return to a concert over the summer.

Keep an eye out for these events as their tickets will go fast! Try to stay local as well, it’s safer for everyone when travel is limited.

Local Events


Speaking of staying local, many smaller cities and towns are looking forward to hosting events again. Farmers Markets are coming back to more and more places. Art events, book fairs, and more are likely to return to local places as it becomes safer to host outdoor events.

Check out what your local area is hosting this summer! It’s a great way to support local artists, farmers, and tradespeople. They’ve all had to wait a long time for business again and deserve these chances this summer.

National Parks


Another place to go in need of visitors is national parks. These places lost plenty of business in summer 2020, but now they can have everyone back this summer. National parks are incredible places full of natural beauty not seen anywhere else in the US. They are more than worth going to see this summer.

Consider renting one of the many cabins at many national parks or find a camping ground and enjoy sleeping under the stars.

Theme Parks


Between the East Coast and West Coast, there are dozens of theme parks reopening slowly but surely for the summer season. From Universal Studios to Disneyland, theme parks are opening again but at a much lower capacity than before. Tickets are not as easy to get but in return, visitors get a much emptier park to enjoy.

If you manage to grab tickets, be prepared! Masks, backpacks, water bottles, snacks, and more will help make your day at a theme park all the better!

Movie Theaters


Summer 2021 has many kinds of events to offer and movie theaters are finally more available! There are limited options of course but can be totally worth it. Many websites and movies are prompting viewers to return to theaters this summer, especially horror fans. Horror movies are predicted to dominate the summer starting with A Quiet Place 2.

If you still don’t want to risk exposure or feel as if your theaters are unsafe, check out local drive-in theaters! These outdoor movies are much more socially distanced and let you stay in your car!

Road Trip


If you’re thinking of traveling at all this summer but still want to be safe, consider a road trip! Pick a destination within as many days of travel as you want, maybe even coast to coast! There are lots of places to visit this summer, or maybe you just want to drive by and see new sights before heading back home.

Grab a friend or two to make it an easier trip and pack your car for the fun!

Summer 2021 is promising to be a better one than 2020. As more and more people get fully vaccinated, more summer activities can return for everyone to enjoy!






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