The top games to play at an online casino 

With the global online gambling market being evaluated at 92.9 billion US Dollars by 2023, there’s no denying that there’s significant growth in this space. As technology continues to improve, we are seeing traditional casino games become more popular online, with users that would have never visited a brick-and-mortar casino now trying their hand at a game.

Traditional games like poker, blackjack and roulette have been around for a long time, and with that comes a number of stereotypes that get attached to the games. However, as we find new means to play, the boundaries of these stereotypes are being broken which has led to the increase in popularity of online casino games.

Canada is a country well-known for their online gambling activities and in fact is the 8th country in the world for their online gambling market. It has been estimated that in 2020 the Canadian online gambling market revenue was $1.2 billion! However, it has been found that the industry could be even larger if there was clear regulations and laws from the government. Currently Canadians can gamble with offshore casinos or those who are licensed by the government. The best online casino in Canada is safe and secure for Canadians to play their favourite casino games on.

Let’s take a look at the top online games that remain popular and explore how online casinos have kept these games relevant and entertaining for today’s modern users. 

Why have online games become so popular?

The digitalization of the world has been an effort that has brought many opportunities to far reaching corners of the globe and improved the services on offer to billions of people. While traditional casino games were limited to the physical bounds of a casino venue, online casinos can now provide their services to anywhere in the world with access to the internet, 24/7.

As a result, more and more people are now trying out traditional casinos games that never would have thought of visiting a land-based casino. Statistics show that 57% of online gamblers are now female, showing that the male to female ratio is changing now that online casino games are becoming more popular.

In addition, over 40% of online gamblers are now in the 21-34 age range, indicating that the average age of casino game players is now coming down too. This can most likely be attributed to the notion that younger people are more comfortable with accessing games online, while older generations prefer to visit a brick-and-mortar casino. 

The demographic of players using online casinos are within the 21-34 age range suggesting the more ‘tech-savvy’ generation prefer playing online.

Additional reasons why online gambling is becoming increasingly popular include:

Improved technology – As technology has developed, factors like graphics quality, sound and streaming speeds have all improved. As 5G continues to be rolled out across Canada, it’s becoming easier for Canadians to access games while on the go on their mobile or tablet.

Accessibility – The demand of modern-day pressures mean that the average full time working person does not have as much time for leisure activities than what previous generations used to. By offering online gaming services, people can save time by not having to visit the brick-and-mortar venue and can access their favourite games on the go instead, whether that be on the train to work on from the comfort of the sofa at home. 

The merging of virtual and digital worlds – While online games used to lack some of the atmospheric excitement that a real-life casino offered, today’s games feature live dealers, online chat rooms and competition features that keep the atmosphere exciting and ensure players can socialize in the same way as before.

More ways to pay – To visit the casino, you would typically need to complete a cash or card transaction in person, yet online playing offers many more ways of paying. Thanks to the introduction of e-wallets like PayPal and virtual banks like Monzo and Starling, it’s easier than ever for players across the world to access global online casino services. What’s more, many online casinos are now also accepting various cryptocurrencies that add an additional layer of security to payments. 

The sheer variety of games – While brick and mortar venues are restricted to the number of games they can offer, virtual casinos can offer a huge variety of the latest games as they’re not restricted by how many slot machines are viability affordable or how many different varieties of poker tables can fit into the venue. 

The variety of casino games on offer

While many would have thought that the popularity of traditional casino games would die out, online casinos have enabled them to stay popular. Let’s take a look at some of the traditional games that have been transformed. 

Poker – Online poker is often more popular than live poker as it is a shorter and faster game with more hands being dealt per session. For this reason, a lot of traditional poker players can find the online variant challenging, however there are an abundance of online learning resources. 

Poker is a classic traditional casino table game that has proven popular both offline and online.

SlotsWhen you think of a traditional slot game, many people think of pulling a lever to reveal different fruits. However, online slot machines offer so much more with a variety of movie and TV themes, as well as bonus games and exclusive sign-up offers. 

Roulette Also known as the Devil’s Wheel, Roulette is popular for being a simple game with few rules to learn. While the results are largely based on the mathematical probability of winning, online software has meant that the game has become fairer, and the probability can be calculated in a more efficient way. 

Craps – Considered as one of the most sophisticated table games, Craps is still popular to this day. While there is a required table etiquette in the casino, the online variant is much more friendly to newbie players.

Overall, online casinos bring a huge number of benefits to the table and while it’s nice to still have the option to visit a brick-and-mortar casino, the sheer variety of games and continuously developing technologies that improve online gaming mean it’s just as exciting to play casino games online.

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