10 Summer Drinks and Snacks for Summer 2021

The summer season often brings outdoor gatherings and parties alike. These parties would not be complete without the best drinks and snacks being served to everyone. There are tons of options with refreshing drinks and mouth-watering snacks people are guaranteed to enjoy!

Check out these 10 drinks and snacks you can serve at your next summer bash that is sure to be a hit!

Spiked Lemonade


Nothing says summer like an ice-cold glass of lemonade. Add some of your favorite liquor like vodka or tequila for the perfect summer cocktail. Mix it up even more with additional add-ins like mint, lavender, or an assortment of fruits!

You can make a large batch for a larger gathering, or simply allow guests to add in whatever they want with a spiked lemonade bar.

White Wine Sangria


A more seasonal take on the classic sangria, this white wine-based sangria is perfect for brunches and parties alike. Add in summer fruits like citrus or strawberries to complement the white wine. This refreshing drink will be a hit at your next party!

Have fun serving it up in both a nice bowl or pitcher with creative glasses like mason jars or fancy wine glasses!

Pina Colada


Break out the blender for this summer-time treat. A good pina colada is a great drink to serve at a pool party or other outdoor function. Add some extra fruity flavors to mix it up for people! Mango, strawberry, and others are perfect additions to the coconut and pineapple.

Be sure to add the perfect decorations to each glass to really bring those summer vibes!

Watermelon Slushie


Another perfect blended drink for parties or laying by the pool, these watermelon slushies are sure to be a hit. Simply blend up watermelon, water, and ice to make the base slushie. Other recipes may ask for more so the choice is really up to you and the recipe. Add in some vodka or tequila for the perfect boozy slushie!

Use this slushie as an outline for other fruity slushies as well! Don’t want watermelon? Try mango or lemon instead!

Lime Refresher


Remember when Starbucks had the perfect lime refresher? Why not make your own! Using fresh lime juice and alcohol can make a refresher similar to a margarita but with whatever else you want. Top it off with some seltzer to add a nice fizz if that’s more your style.

The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to good summer cocktails. All you need is some inspiration and plenty of people to drink with!

Caprese Bites


The perfect Italian bite to serve to guests, little Caprese bites pack all the flavor on a toothpick! Use small mozzarella balls, mini tomatoes, and shredded basil to achieve the perfect bite. Add a side of balsamic for people to dip into to really sell the whole snack.

Little Caprese bites are perfect for guests because they’re easy to reach and fun to eat!

Grilled Fruit


A summer-time classic anyone will love. Grilled fruit is a great treat to add to an assortment of food. Peaches and nectarines are great options to start with. Slice them up and add some honey and cheese for sweet and savory bites guests will love!

What makes grilled fruit so great is the caramelized sugars in the fruit making each bite a sweet and smoky taste to love.

Anything Feta


After the insanely popular TikTok feta pasta, many are now seeing the options for delicious feta snacks. Crumble some on top of a summer salad for extra flavor, or bake it up as a dip for crackers. There’s no shortage of uses here for this popular cheese.

Maybe a new feta snack will be the next feta pasta of the summer!

Summer Crostini


Little bites of bread with the perfect toppings are a great snack for your summer bash. Mix up the ingredients to combine salty, sweet, and savory. Each bite can be completely different for everyone, use your imagination and use the best summer flavors.

Assemble your assortment of crostinis for the perfect array of flavors that guests will love!

Seasoned Popcorn


After a whole assortment of good food, finish off the night with a flavorful treat! Homemade popcorn is incredibly easy to make and only requires a few things. As long as you have a large pot you can make as much popcorn as you want! Mix up an assortment of spices to add on top as a delicious snack.

For a party, you can even create a melody of spice mixes that guests can choose from to top their own bag of popcorn.

As summer 2021 draws closer, make sure your next get-together is full of fun and delicious drinks and snacks. These options are sure to be a hit and can be made entirely up to you!

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