5 Artists Perfect for Summer 2021 Playlists

One of the best features of the summer is the summer jams. Artists can work for months to produce the best summer song that everyone will want to blast all through their summer.

Plenty of people also make summer playlists, giving lots of artists a chance to earn a spot on these playlists. If you’re looking to make a summer playlist for summer 2021, consider these 5 artists!

Dua Lipa


A summer jam queen from back in the days of “New Rules”, Dua Lipa has plenty of new music for summer 2021. “Levitating” and “Love Again” have become popular tracks from her latest album that many are likely to bump all summer long.

With these jams and more, Dua Lipa is the early frontrunner for song of the summer and even artist of the summer. If that’s the case, she’s a perfect choice to feature on a summer 2021 playlist.

The Weeknd


After a stellar Super Bowl performance and being snubbed at the Grammy’s, the Weeknd is popping up again with a collaboration song with Ariana Grande. “Save Your Tears” has all the right vibes for a summer playlist, especially when driving late at night. It’s a perfect combination of the two artists that makes it such a great hit.

There could potentially be more from the Weeknd, but more likely “Save Your Tears” and other hits from the artist will be on summer playlists. “Blinding Lights” could absolutely make a resurgence this summer.

Lil Nas X


Lil Nas X has reappeared with a fantastic summer hit “Montero”. Not only has this song been trending on TikTok, but it has also become a major jam. No doubt this will be played again and again this summer, the beat and the melody are perfect for nights of dancing.

“Montero” and even older tracks from Lil Nas X are great options for a summer playlist, they’re fun to listen to and are easy to turn up anywhere it’s played.

Doja Cat

The queen of TikTok songs has been featured on more than one track recently. Her own track “Kiss Me More” with SZA has become insanely popular and her feature on “Best Friend” as well. Her music is a perfect option for summer playlists, they’re versatile and ready to play anywhere you want.

From car rides to bonfires on the beach or in the woods, there’s always a Doja Cat song ready to play. Make sure you have some of her great music on your summer playlist!



SZA blew up back in 2018 after her success with the movieĀ Black Panther and the music she did for the soundtrack. Now, her music has become popular once again with tracks like “Good Days” and her feature with Doja Cat as seen previously. SZA’s music is a perfect option for summer playlists, her voice is incredible and each song has a great beat.

From her old music to her new music, SZA has lots of great tracks perfect for a summer playlist. No doubt she’ll pop up on these playlists all over this summer.

Summer 2021 promises to be a great one, and the music from lots of artists will complement any activities. There could be plenty more songs put out for the summer, but these artists listed are likely to be at the top of the playlists with their perfect summer jams.

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