7 Wardrobe Essentials for Summer 2021

The weather is getting warmer, meaning summer is coming! The hot sun means brand new summer fashions to wear out and about while enjoying summer fun.

Summer 2021 is a great opportunity for lots of people to take advantage of the latest summer picks. If you’re looking to add something to your summer wardrobe, consider these essential items that are perfect for fun in the sun!

Halter Top

The old 2000s trend has returned with a more modern look. Halter tops have become a new item for summer wardrobes this year. Not only do they come in a variety of styles and colors, but they are also perfect for beating any summer heat. Consider these when at the beach or out in the sun for a long period of time.

Plenty of online retailers are offering new halter tops as well as popular retailers. You’ll want to keep an eye out for these as the summer styles keep rolling in.

Triangle Top

For the days walking the beaches and the piers, a triangle top is perfect for your summer wardrobe. They come in a variety of styles and fabrics, each offering a great amount of coverage and style. Pair them with good denim shorts and cute shoes for the perfect beach look!

Check out your favorite retailers for this great option and have fun with it!


Another great option for summer wardrobes, bralettes offer comfort and style. Popular styles and colors are being added to lots of summer clothing collections at popular retailers. From super structured pieces to looser and softer kinds, bralettes are a great option for your summer wardrobe.

Lots of bralettes are now ranging in size and able to accommodate lots of different sizes. Check out online and big brand retailers for different bralette options no matter your size!

Cut-Out Dresses

Many of the dresses out there for summer 2021 feature side cut-outs. These stylish details are becoming the perfect addition to summer dresses. These details add a fun flair to any summer dress, from flowy sundresses to cocktail dresses.

Just be careful when wearing these dresses in the sun! Be prepared with sunscreen unless you want some interesting tan lines!

Paper Bag Shorts

A variation of the paper bag pants seen in many professional wardrobes, paper bag shorts are quickly becoming a great option for summer outfits. They’re great for more proper outings including brunches, picnics, and more! They’re super easy to style with simple tops and any sort of shoe. Dress them up or down with more formal tops and shoes for parties and more.

Target has become the leader with tons of options with paper bag shorts. Check them out and other popular retailers as the summer roll in for a great addition to your wardrobe.

Bike Shorts

The ever-popular bike shorts are still dominating summer wardrobe picks. They’re comfortable and affordable, a perfect option for lots of summer activities. Throw on the perfect pair for a hike, a day at a theme park, or even a simple day in the park. Bike shorts are great options for people who want to be comfortable but still want to look fashion-forward.

There are dozens of options out there between budget retailers and high-end stores. Check out different online options for the perfect pair for you!

Floral Romper

A classic choice for summer outfits, floral rompers have come back as a perfect pick for summer outfits. These functional pieces offer great comfort and fun. Enjoy the sun with a thin-strapped romper or a strapless option! They’re perfect for wearing during the day then adding a jacket for a night out. Plus many of them have pockets!

Be sure to keep one or two of these great pieces in your summer wardrobe this year for any occasion!

Summer 2021 offers lots of activities this year. With lots more to do this summer, a fresh update to your summer wardrobe is absolutely necessary. Keep these 7 essential items in mind when shopping for your next summer outfit!