4 Important Things to do Before Graduation

The end of senior year is approaching for many in the class of 2021. Despite all the fun and parties to be thrown in celebration, there are important things seniors should do before leaving their college behind.

Check out these 4 tasks college graduates should make sure are done before walking across that stage.

Cleaning Out the Dorm

Over the last four years, many students have likely accumulated a lot of stuff to fill their dorm rooms. Now, however, it’s time to go through and clean it all up. From old clothes to books that can’t be returned, there are plenty of items not needed anymore. Even the many items used to decorate apartments may not be needed anymore.

Consider taking all of these items to your local Goodwill or another donation site. Not only will you have more room for the things you need to take home, but you will also be helping those in need.

Alumni Gear

Another important thing to do before leaving campus is to get some alumni gear. You’ll officially qualify for it and honestly, who wouldn’t want some more school spirit? A new sweatshirt, shirt, sweats, or even a mug are great to help remember the years spent on campus.

Grab a few pieces for your family if you want for even more keepsakes! Fun gear for your family includes the official mom, dad, and pet pieces that many colleges have in their bookstores. Take a nice photo in your alumni gear with your parents for a nice keepsake for them and yourself.

Small Gifts

For creative and sentimental people, another important task to complete before graduating is handing out small gifts. These can be bought or homemade items that your friends will want to hang onto forever. Small picture frames with a group photo are one good option, or maybe an item that has been significant to you and your friends.

These small gifts can be great to help your friends hang on to the memories all of you made throughout your four years in college. Have fun coming up with creative ideas, the possibilities are endless and really just up to you and what you think is right.

Visit Your Favorite Spot

There may come a day when the graduates of 2021 return to their campuses as alumni for events or a simple visit. Until that time comes, it’s important to take advantage of the time left on campus and visit your favorite spots. Whether it is a certain building or spot on the campus green, seeing these places before graduation is an important way to reflect on your time spent there.

Grab a camera and snap some pictures of that spot and yourself in that spot as well. Make sure you hit all of the ones you love on campus, they all may have some sort of significance to your college career. You never know when you’ll get the next chance to visit there again.

For the class of 2021, the countdown to graduation has made life extra busy. Even with all of the classes and graduation prep, many should take the time to ensure the important things on this list are done before walking across that stage. Your future self will thank you for it.