4 Tips For Setting Up Friends To Be The Best Matchmaker

Have you ever played matchmaker for your friends?  It sounds like an awesome gig because if it works out, you’re partly responsible for there happiness If you haven’t set up friends before but you have a few in mind that would be a good match, how do you get the ball rolling? Getting set up by friends can lead to great matches and awesome relationships!

Here’s how to play matchmaker for your friends and the best ways to set them up!

Bring it up in a casual setting.

Maybe you’re at lunch with a friend or just a casual hangout.  That’s a great time to say, “Hey I hung out with insert name yesterday and I think you guys would really like each other, want me to try and play matchmaker?” Keep it casual, don’t add pressure and let them know it’s an open-ended offer.

Look at the match.

Does the person you want to set up with your other friend have something in common? If one loves going out every night and the other one is a homebody, it may not be the best fit. Look at preference, type, want and goals for both of the people you’re setting up. You don’t want to over-promise!

You also want to make sure that both parties are looking for the same thing! Whether that be something casual or potentially a serious relationship. The last thing you want to do as a matchmaker is set someone up that wants a relationship with someone that really doesn’t want one.

Don’t beg them.

A good match is only going to be made if both people want a match! Got some tricks up your sleeve?  Generally, you don’t want to beg someone to go on a date. Even if you think they’d be great together! If the date goes awry because you begged someone who wasn’t in the right state of mind, they’re going to blame you after!

Show them who you’re matching them with.

You generally want to match people with someone that they would typically go for. You’ll also want to share pictures of the person you’re matching them with.  Go for a normal picture.  Not a totally photoshopped, filtered and made up photo from their Instagram.  You want it to be realistic so both parties know what you’re setting them up with.

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